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What is the best gaming projector?

With a gaming projector, you play games on the big screen, so that you're fully immersed in the action. Your gaming experience is not only influenced by the projection format, but also by specifications, such as the resolution and input lag. To make your choice for the best gaming projector easier, we've selected a number of recommendations.

Optoma GT1080e: clear image, low input lag

1920x1080 Full HD | 3000 ANSI lumen | Home cinema, education, business use
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The Optoma GT1080e is a must for the average gamer. Thanks to the Full HD resolution, your favorite games also look clear on a large screen. The input lag of 33 milliseconds ensures a minimal delay between your controller and the projector. This creates a smooth gaming experience where your opponent is never one step ahead. Do you have little space in your room? No problem. Thanks to the short throw technique, you can place the projector just one meter from the wall for a 2-meter wide projection.


Perfect for you thanks to the sharp images and the low input lag
Sharpness: high thanks to the Full HD resolution
Suitable for illuminated rooms: yes
Distance to the wall for 2-meter wide projection: 98 centimeters

Epson EH-TW7000: the sharpest image with a wide color gamut

3840 pixels x 2160 pixels 4K (UHD) | 3000 ANSI lumens | Home cinema, gaming, meeting room
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Bring your favorite games to life with the Epson EH-TW7000. Thanks to the pixel shift technique, this projector displays 4K images. You can see the smallest details of the latest games, such as grains of sand or hairs. When you play an HDR game, you can benefit from the wide color range with this projector. You can see all subtle color nuances, while bright color tones are emphasized. This makes a sunrise extra impressive.


Perfect for you thanks to the razor-sharp images and the wide color gamut
Sharpness: very high thanks to the 4K UHD resolution
Suitable for illuminated rooms: yes
Distance to the wall for 2-meter wide projection: 2.64 to 4.30 meters

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