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What temperature should my freezer have?

The ideal temperature inside a freezer is -18°C. This temperature keeps your products fresh for longer and you won't spend too much on energy costs. If it's not possible to set an exact temperature, you can use a thermometer to check the inside temperature.

Get started with setting the temperature

Freezer compartment with vegetables

With these 3 tips, you can easily set the temperature of your freezer.

Tip 1. Set the temperature to -18°C

Tip 2. Use a thermometer

Tip 3. Save on energy costs

Tip 1: set the temperature to 18°C

Set temperature freezer

Products are well-frozen at a temperature of -18°C. On most freezers, it's also possible to set the temperature a few degrees lower. This just doesn't make a difference for frozen foods. A lower temperature won't push back the expiry date of your food. But every degree below -18°C does add to your energy costs. Setting the freezer to a higher temperature than -18°C isn't possible by the way. All our ****star freezers have a maximum temperature of -18°C.

Tip 2: measure the temperature without a display

Freezer compartments

Does your freezer or chest freezer have a dial to set the temperature with? Then it takes a little more effort to check if it's set to -18°C. You can easily measure the temperature with a special thermometer for fridges and freezer. Put the thermometer in with your frozen foods for a couple of hours to get a good reading. If you leave it for just a couple of minutes, it will only measure the air temperature.

Tip 3: save on energy costs

-18°C isn't just the best, but also the most energy-efficient temperature for your freezer. And yet there are a couple of other ways to save energy. With these tips, your freezer won't have to work extra hard to constantly keep the temperature at -18°C:

  • Don't place your freezer next to a heat source.
  • Don't block the ventilation gap at the back of the freezer, so the heat can escape properly.
  • Don't leave the door open too long.
  • Let warm products cool down before you put them in the freezer.
  • Regularly defrost your freezer.

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