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How do you defrost your freezer?

Defrosting your freezer may not be the most fun task, but it's certainly an important one. First, switch off your freezer and empty it. Wait until all the ice has thawed and then clean and dry it properly. Afterwards, switch the freezer back on. Allow it to reach the right temperature again before putting your frozen food back in.

1. Switch it off

Switch off the freezer

Switch off the freezer with the off button. You can find this at the top of the appliance. Does your upright freezer or chest freezer not have an off switch? In that case, you can just pull the plug out of the socket.

2. Empty

Emptying the freezer

Make sure the freezer is completely empty. Temporarily store your frozen products in another freezer, cooler, or cooler bag. If it's very cold outside, you can just place your frozen products in the garden or on the balcony.

3. Defrost

Defrosting the freezer

Most freezers have a drip tray. Place this in front of the spout and let the melted ice flow into it. The spout is often a small pipe or a rubber hose at the bottom of the upright freezer or chest freezer.

4. Defrost faster

Defrosting faster

Wait for all the ice to come loose. You can break off big chunks of ice with a wooden spatula or a plastic ice scraper for car windows. Be careful though, as the cooling elements are very fragile. Do you want to speed up the defrosting process? You can place a pan or container with hot water on a coaster at the bottom of your freezer and close the door. If your freezer has drawers, fill them with hot water and close the door. Or use a special defrosting spray to do the job very fast.

5. Clean

Cleaning the freezer

Has all the ice thawed? This is the perfect moment to clean your freezer compartment thoroughly. A damp cloth with some soda works wonders and also has a disinfecting effect. Make sure you dry the freezer well with a dishcloth, so no moisture remains. This to prevent the moisture from quickly freezing again.

6. Turn it on

Turning on the freezer

Turn the freezer back on. After it has reached the right temperature, place all your frozen food back in the freezer compartment. If your freezer doesn't have a defrosting system, we recommend defrosting it 6 times a year. For freezers with Low Frost, this is twice a year.

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