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How do I clean my freezer?

You have to defrost your freezer every year. This will improve the cooling capacity and thus also the energy consumption of your freezer. When the ice is out of your freezer, you can also thoroughly clean it immediately. Below you can read how to handle this.

Summary of tips


A clean freezer not only looks good, you'll also save energy and you extend the life of the device. When cleaning a freezer, it's important that you first switch it off and defrost it. You can then get started cleaning the inside and outside.

  • Step 1: defrost the freezer
  • Step 2: make soapy water
  • Step 3: clean the inside
  • Step 4: clean the outside

Step 1: defrost the freezer

Defrost freezer

Before you can clean your freezer, you must first defrost it. Take your food out of the freezer and store it temporarily in a cooler or cooler bag. Next, remove the shelves and drawers from the freezer. After this, you can defrost the freezer so that you can start cleaning. Switch off the freezer and remove the ice. To defrost extra fast, you can also use a defrost spray. Does your freezer have anti-ice formation such as No Frost? Great, you can quickly continue with the next step.

Step 2: make soapy water

Clean freezer

Make some soapy water with warm water and a little washing-up liquid or neutral soap. Use this soapy water for both the inside and the outside. Do not use abrasive or aggressive cleaners. These may damage your freezer. An alternative to using soapy water is to use a special cleaning agent for refrigerators and freezers.

Step 3: clean the inside

Clean inside freezer

Meanwhile, your freezer has been defrosted, and you can start cleaning. Remove the defrost water from the freezer. Some freezers have a special container for defrost water. If this isn't the case for your freezer, use a sponge for the defrost water. Wipe the inside of the freezer clean with soapy water and a soft cloth. After this, clean everything again with warm water. Next, dry the inside thoroughly. This way, no moisture remains behind which can freeze again.

Step 4: clean the outside

Clean outside of freezer

Now that the inside is clean, you can get started on the outside. Polish all stains and fingerprints on the outside with a clean cloth. If your freezer has an external condenser, you can make it dust-free with a soft brush. The condenser is the black grid on the back of your freezer. The condenser makes sure heat is removed. If it contains a lot of dust, this will be at the expense of the cooling capacity and energy consumption of the device.


Freezer clean

Your freezer is now completely free of dirt and ice. You can put the shelves, drawers, and your frozen products back and switch on the freezer again. You can prevent ice buildup in your freezer by not leaving the door open unnecessarily and checking that it's closed when you've taken your food out of the freezer. This way, you don't have to clean it for the time being.

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