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How do I clean my freezer?

You have to defrost your freezer every year. This will improve the cooling capacity and thus also the energy consumption of your freezer. When the ice is out of your freezer, you can also thoroughly clean it immediately. Below you can read how to handle this.

In short

  • What are we going to do: Clean a freezer.
  • For which appliances this explanation is suitable: Freezers, fridge-freezers and refrigerators with a freezer compartment.
  • How long does it take: The cleaning itself takes about half an hour. If the freezer has not yet been defrosted, this also takes another half hour to a number of hours. This depends on the size of your freezer and the amount of ice.
  • What you need: A soapy water, clean wiping cloths, a cool box, a soft brush and possibly a sponge.
  • What should I take into account: It takes a long time to freeze a lot of food at once. You prefer to clean the freezer when it is not completely filled.


Before you can clean your freezer, you must first defrost it. Prepare all necessary cleaning items, take your food out of the freezer and store it temporarily in a cool box or cooler bag. Then remove the shelves and drawers from the freezer. After this you defrost the freezer so that you can start cleaning.

Make soap

Make a soapy water with warm water and a little washing-up liquid or neutral soap. Use this soapy water for both the inside and the outside. Do not use abrasive or an aggressive cleaning agent. This can damage your freezer.

An alternative to your soap is to use a special cleaning agent for refrigerators and freezers.

Clean inside

Meanwhile your freezer has been thawed and brushing can start. Remove the defrost water from the freezer. Some freezers have a special collection tray for defrost water. If this is not the case for your freezer, use a sponge for the defrost water. Remove the inside of the freezer with soapy water and a soft cloth. After this you take everything again with warm water. Then dry the inside thoroughly.

Clean the exterior

Now that the inside is clean, the outside is the turn. Brush all stains and fingerprints on the housing with a clean cloth. If your freezer has an external condenser, make it dust-free with a soft brush. This is the black grid at the back of your freezer. The condenser takes care of the removal of heat. If there is a lot of dust in it, this will be at the expense of the cooling capacity and the energy consumption of the device. If your freezer has an external compressor, clean it with a soft brush. The compressor is located at the bottom of the back of the device.

When the housing of your freezer is made of stainless steel, you can use a special stainless steel cleaner. A stainless steel cleaner has been specially developed to remove the dirt from the outside and leaves behind an invisible protective layer.


Your freezer is now completely free of dirt and ice. Put the carrying platforms, the drawers and your frozen products back in place and then turn the freezer back on. Prevent icing in your freezer by not leaving the door open unnecessarily and making sure it is closed when you have taken your food out of the freezer. So you do not have to clean it for the time being.

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