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How do you choose a BK cooking pot set?

When you purchase a BK cookware set, you have a good base of pans in your home at once. To make a choice from the various BK cookware sets, be the first to check which pan sets are suitable for your stove. Then features such as glass lids, a pouring function or a cold grip are the deciding factors in your choice.

On which heat source do you want to use the pans?

Induction cooktop with pans and vegetables

Not every BK saucepan is suitable for every heat source. We distinguish the following heat sources: induction, ceramic, gas, electric and the oven. Each pan is suitable for use on gas and a ceramic or electric hob. Pans with a plastic handle are not allowed in the oven. A pan that you use on an induction plate is magnetic, otherwise it won't work. In short, pay close attention when choosing a pan set.

Type of pans

Green BK New Vintage cooking pots

Not every BK cookware set has the same composition. If you have a small household, then a 4-part set is fine. But if you regularly cook for several people, a larger set is not a superfluous luxury. In addition to the standard cooking pans, some pan sets also contain a skillet or frying pan. Handy, so you have a pan at home for various preparations. Take a good look at the composition of your new BK cookware set, so that you have all the pans at home to make your favorite dish.

Different formats

Different sizes BK Conical+ pans

In a BK pan set you will find different pan sizes, so that you have the right pan size for each preparation. To give you an idea of what size you need, see here how many portions of pasta you make in different sizes of pans.

  • < 2 liters: pasta for 1 person
  • 2 - 4 liters: pasta for 3 people
  • 5 - 6 liters: pasta for 5 people
  • 6 - 7 liters: pasta for 6 people

Lids and handles

Different sizes of BK Profiline pans

All BK cooking pans have their own lid. You can choose from different types of lids. Go for glass lids if you like to keep an eye on the cooking process. The cold handles are also very handy. These do not get hot during cooking so that you safely remove the pan from the heat. That way you no longer need a pot holder and you don't accidentally burn your fingers.

Pouring system

BK Q-linary Master pan being emptied

If you want to drain the cooked pasta or rice, it comes in handy if you don't have to use a separate colander for this. Go for a BK saucepan with a pouring system in the lids and your colander can go into the cupboard forever. These special lids often have different positions for multiple pouring functions and the size of the holes differs. This way you can easily pour spaghetti because no strings slip through it.


Stacked BK Q-linary Master Glass pans

All those new BK pans deserve a nice place in your kitchen cupboard. To save space it is very handy to stack the pans. This way they take up much less space and you have all the pans neatly together.

Loose pans

3 different sizes of BK Profiline pans

Are you happy with the BK cookware set in your kitchen cupboard but do you still miss a few pans in your collection? Then you can purchase it separately. This way you can easily expand your collection with an extra large sized saucepan or a frying pan that fits well with the set.

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