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Which type of American fridge suits me?

There are different types of American fridges. The most well-known is the side-by-side, where the cooling and freezer compartment are next to each other. A French door American fridge has a cooling compartment above the freezer compartment. If it has a dispenser, you can fill a glass with cold water or ice cubes with the touch of a button. Keep the water supply in mind, in case you have a fridge without a reservoir.

Choose an American fridge

American fridge

If you want to buy an American fridge, consider the following:

  • Do you want the cooling and freezer compartments side by side or on top of each other?
  • Do you enjoy having a cold glass of water with ice cubes?
  • Is there a water pipe near your fridge and do you want to tap unlimited amounts of water?


Side-by-side American fridge

Most American fridges are side-by-side fridges. This means that the freezer compartment is on one side and the cooling compartment on the other side. The advantage of this is that you can see everything in the cooling or freezer compartment at a glance. A disadvantage is that the cooling and freezer compartments are a bit narrower, so you'll have less space for very wide products.

French door

French door American fridge

With a French door American fridge, the cooling compartment is at the top and the freezer compartment at the bottom. This layout is similar to that of a fridge freezer combination. The advantage is that the cooling compartment takes up the entire width of the fridge. This gives you enough space for large, wide products. The disadvantage is that you have to open multiple doors to see what's in the fridge.


American fridge with ice cubes

About half of all American fridges have a dispenser. There are 2 types of dispensers: a water dispenser and a water and ice dispenser. The advantage of an ice dispenser is that you can get ice cubes easily and quickly on a hot day without having to freeze water first. By simply pushing a glass against the dispenser, you can fill it with water or ice.

Water supply

Water supply American fridge

A fridge with a dispenser needs a water supply so you'll always have cold water or ice. Again, there are 2 options. Some American fridges have a connector for the water supply. This allows you to tap unlimited amounts of water. Keep in mind that there has to be a water pipe nearby. You can also get a built-in water tank. You do need to refill this yourself.

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