Written by Lieze

How much time does a fast microwave save me?

Do you opt for a microwave with high power? Then you shorten the warm-up time of dishes. In this article I give the time savings of 2 typical microwave meals: soup and a ready-made meal. For the savings I compare the heating times in a microwave with a low power of 700 watts and a high power of 1000 watts.

Warm-up time in minutes (example)

1000 watts (high power) 900 watts (average power) 800 watts (low power) 700 watts (low power)
Soup 3:35 4:00 4:30 5:10
Ready meals 4:30 5:00 5:35 6:25

Soup heats up 1.5 minutes faster

Soup in microwave

Imagine: the packaging says that you heat the soup with a power of 700 watts for 5:10 minutes. If you opt for a microwave with a high power of 1000 watts, you can heat the soup in less than 3:30 minutes. This is more than 1:30 minutes faster than in a microwave with low power.

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