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How do I choose a gaming mouse?

Choosing a mouse is simple, you might think. But no, for gamers it is more than just a click device. It is an extension of your arm with which you, together with the keyboard, let your opponents sneeze dust. On this page I help you choose the mouse with which you comfortably spend thousands of hours in your favorite games.

In short

  1. Select the type of mouse that fits your hand.
  2. Choose a mouse that fits your favorite games.
  3. Make sure the mouse has the correct format.
  4. Determine which functions the mouse should have.

1. Which hand do you use?


It is a fact that the vast majority of gamers are right-handed and that is reflected in the mouse design. Many gaming mice are shaped to the right hand and therefore have buttons and design elements on the left side of the mouse. Right-handed gaming mice can be found in all types, sizes and models. For right-handed players there is actually no problem with the air.


Rarer are the left-handed editions of popular mouse editions that companies like Razer occasionally release. Left-handed players therefore have a bit more difficulty. The easiest solution is to learn how to play with the right hand, so that you get a much wider range of mice in your hands. Is this not possible? Then you always have the possibility to use a symmetrical mouse. These mice have a universal shape and often have buttons on both sides of the mouse.

2. What type of games do you play?

Now that you know with which hand you hand out headshots, it's time for the most important factor in choosing a gaming mouse: which games do you play mainly? A mouse is basically suitable for all games, but with a mouse that specializes within your favorite genre you still have a considerable advantage on the online battlefield. Do you play multiple game types at a competitive level? Then a second mouse is not a superfluous luxury.

2.1 Shooters


Shooters are all about one thing: precision. It is therefore important for a gaming mouse for shooters that the sensor is accurate and does not show strange frills when you have just caught your opponent. Shooter players also have enough of 2 thumb buttons. The weight and balance is important with a shooter mouse. Shooter mice are therefore fairly light (under 100 grams), for large sweeping movements where professional low-sensitivity shooter players are known for.

2.2 MOBAs

MOBA games

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends are nowadays extremely popular. Under the guise easy to play, difficult to master, MOBA games require a large number of buttons to win the game. Mice that are suitable for MOBAs usually also have five or six buttons with which you treat your opponents to your skill shots, items and ultimates.

2.3 MMOs

MMO games

Buttons, buttons and more buttons. In MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games like World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls: Online you have a true arsenal of magic and skills under the buttons. MMO mice often have between 6 and 14 buttons on the side that you set up completely according to your wishes via the software.

3. How big are your hands?

Gaming mice usually have a fairly flashy design with a lot of variation in the size and shape of the mouse. But how do you know what is suitable for you? There are a few things that you have to take into account; I will list them for you:

3.1 The 60% rule

60% rule

To determine the right size and shape, the 60% rule of professional Quake player ZyRJN is a good guideline. Your hands are often twice as long as they are wide. The closer the length and width comes to 60% of the length and width of your hands, the more likely it is that the mouse is comfortable in your hand. This is of course a guideline, useful in doubt and orientation, but it remains a matter of your personal preference.

3.2 Grip style and form factor

Grip style hand

Also important is the shape and your favorite grip style. The most common grip styles are palm, claw and fingterip grip. Ideally, you want a mouse with what ZyRJN (RJN stands for Rocket jump Ninja) calls a safe form. In a safe form you want to see the 2 - 1 ratio of your hands in the sizes of the mouse. For example, the mouse does not force you to use a certain grip style that does not lie with you.

4. Additional functions

Now that we have laid the foundation for your choice, we will look at which luxury functions you want to spoil yourself. I will list a number of common extra functions for you:

4.1 Wireless mice

Logitech G Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless mice have been around for some time, but have never really caught on with gamers. From now on, that's a thing of the past, because modern gaming mice have improved response times so you do not feel like an input lag. Also, several models are already charging wirelessly, so you never again with an empty battery. A high end wireless gaming mouse is definitely worth considering.

4.2 RGB

RGB lighting

With a bit of battlestation you do not need a Christmas tree anymore, because you let your desk light up in the colors and patterns of your RGB accessories. Do you already have other accessories of a certain brand? Then it is possible, for example, to synchronize everything with each other. So both your pimped cabinet and your mouse have exactly the same breathable color of red light.

4.3 Modularity


With the rise of 3D printers, there is a relatively new development within gaming mice: modularity. With a modular mouse, certain parts of the mouse can be replaced or refitted. So you switch between the configuration of the buttons on the side or change parts of the frame to promote your grip or playing style.

4.4 Buttons


From 2 thumb buttons to rows of macro buttons, a gaming mouse is really no longer just meant to click. In addition to the aforementioned buttons that make a mouse suitable for a particular game genre, you also have other types of buttons. There are mice with special functions, such as doubleshot functionality with which you simply double taps in shooters. You also have flippers and additional scroll wheels that come in handy when driving vehicles in games.

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