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How do I choose a Microsoft Office software suite?

Working on a computer or laptop without familiar programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is inconceivable for many. Various Microsoft Office Software packages for 1 or multiple users, with 2 licences, and diverse combinations of programs are available now. I'll explain what to keep in mind when choosing a Microsoft Office package in this article.

In short

Office 2019 Home and Student Microsoft 365 Personal Microsoft 365 Family Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business Microsoft 365 Business standard
Expensive Permanent 1 year 1 year Permanent 1 year
Users 1 1 6 1 1
Outlook No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating system Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS
Suitable for Personal use Personal use Personal use with the whole family Required for business use Required for business use

The choice

When choosing a Microsoft Office package, it's useful to think about the programs you want to use and whether you're using a Windows or Apple Mac computer. Next, choose a perpetual license or an annual subscription. If you use Office with the whole family, you can choose for a package for several computers. You can also use Office on a smartphone or tablet, so you can always access your files in the cloud.

Do you want a 1-year subscription or a permanent suite?

Microsoft 365

1-year (Microsoft 365)

This suite comprises:

  • Online storage (OneDrive)
  • Office Suite with Outlook
  • Free updates
  • Renewal fees every year
Office 2019

Permanent (Office 2019)

This suite comprises:

  • No online storage (OneDrive)
  • Office Suite without Outlook
  • No updates
  • A one-time fee

Looking for a suite for 1 or several users/accounts?

1 user

1 user

All Microsoft Office 2019 suites and Microsoft 365 Personal are suitable for 1 user, which means for 1 person. You can install this license and connect it to your Microsoft account. This way, you can use the Office suite on any device that you log in to using your Microsoft account. Do you use the connected Microsoft account to log in to your laptop, tablet, or PC? You can use the Office apps on that device. This is the best option if you’re a student, entrepreneur, or just want to manage your own administration. In the case of Office software suites for 1 user, you can choose from yearly subscriptions and permanent licenses.

Multiple users

Multiple users

With Microsoft 365 Family, you’ll have all Office functionalities in 1 suite. And your entire household can use it. That's because you can link this yearly subscription to up to 6 accounts. All 6 accounts can use the Microsoft programs on every device that you log in to with a linked Microsoft account. Did you install Office on your laptop and do you want to log in on your tablet with the Microsoft account? You'll also be able to use the Office software on your tablet. Are you the only one at home who wants to use Office Software? You’d probably prefer a suite that’s suitable for 1 user.

Do you want Outlook?


Outlook is included in every Microsoft Office suite by default, except in Office 2019 Home and Student. Do you use Outlook? Check if the suite includes the Outlook application. Outlook is widely used by people who want to work in a clear and organised manner, for example entrepreneurs. The application provides a clear overview of all your email traffic. In addition, you’ll get a calendar to manage all of your appointments and to-do lists. All Microsoft 365 suites include Outlook. Of all the Office 2019 licenses, Office 2019 Home and Business is the only suite that has Outlook.

Are you going to use Office on a Chromebook?

Chromebook Chrome OS

Do you have a Chromebook and do you want to use Office software? Buy a Microsoft 365 suite. Only the Microsoft 365 suites are suitable for a Chromebook. You can download the Office programs as apps on your Chromebook via the Chrome Web Store or the Google Playstore. After installation, you can use the Office programs right away.

Personal or Business



Only suites for business use may be used for commercial purposes according to the Terms and Conditions of Microsoft. Whether you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur with a growing business, it's very important to keep an overview. Microsoft 365 Business Standard not only offers the benefits of the Office suite, but also includes access to Microsoft Bookings and Customer Manager for Outlook. Via Bookings, customers can easily see when you’re available and reserve this time in your calendar. Customer Manager provides an overview of all the information and communication regarding a customer.



Just you, or the whole family; the Microsoft 365 and Office 2019 suites for private use make your school, college, and work life a lot easier. The Microsoft 365 Family and 365 Personal have the latest functions. Easily compose your CV with Resume Assistant in Word, or run a final check on your thesis in Ink Editor with your tablet and stylus. New, useful features appear every month to make your life even easier.

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