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Compare the Sonos Move to the Bose Portable Home

Both Bose and Sonos have come out with a smart WiFi and Bluetooth speaker. This combination doesn't just allow you to connect the speaker to your multi-room system at home, but it makes the speaker easy to take with you on the go. We tested and compared these speakers. You can read about the important differences bellow.

Sonos Move

Bluetooth | Medium-sized (15 - 25cm) | Splash proof
in stock
  • Thanks to Bluetooth and the internal battery, you can also use this Sonos speaker outdoors.
  • When you're home, you can connect the Move with your Sonos audio system and stream your music via WiFi.
  • With the integrated Google Assistant, you can operate the speaker via voice commands.
  • The Google Assistant only works when you're connected to WiFi.
  • With a battery life of 10 hours, it doesn't last as long as other wireless speakers.

Bose Portable Home

Bluetooth | Medium-sized (15 - 25cm) | 360-degree sound
in stock
  • The speaker distributes a powerful sound 360 degrees.
  • With the integrated Google Assistant, you can operate the speaker via voice commands.
  • You can easily take the speaker with you thanks to the carry handle.
  • With a battery life of 12 hours, it doesn't last as long as other wireless speakers.
  • The Amazon Alexa voice assistant isn't available in Dutch.
  • The optional docking station isn't included by default.

Comparison Sonos Move and Bose Portable Home

Sonos Move Bose Portable Home
Size Large (24x16cm) Medium-sized (19x10cm)
Weight 3 kilograms 1 kilogram
Waterproofness Splash proof Splash proof
Radio No Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Battery life 10 hours 12 hours
Easy on the go Average, it does have a handle, but it's heavy and large. Easy thanks to the handle, light weight, and small size.

The sound

The Sonos Move WiFi speaker

Sonos Move: a low and powerful bass

The Sonos Move has an incredibly strong bass for a relatively small product. It's low and powerful and you can even feel the bass at a mid-range volume. If you like music with a low base and a high treble, then this speaker will meet all your expectations.

The Bose Portable Home WiFi speaker

Bose Portable Home: distributes a clear sound

The bass of the Bose Portable Home is good as well, but not as powerful and full as that of the Move. The Bose does distribute the sound more, with its 360-degree sound reproduction. If you're a fan of music with less bass and a lot of treble, then this is the right speaker for you.

The design

Cutout and control panel of the Sonos Move

Sonos One: large and heavy

The 3kg Sonos Move is larger and heavier than the Bose speaker, which weighs 1kg. The Move also isn't as easy to take with you, because it doesn't have a carry handle. It does have a cutout on the back that allows you to lift it. The speaker looks beautiful thanks to its sleek design, but your bag will be full when you put this speaker in it. The speaker is also slightly to heavy to carry it very far.

Control panel and carry handle of the Bose Portable Home

Bose Portable Home: easy to take with you

The 1kg Bose Portable Home is a lot smaller and lighter than the Move. The design has a sturdy carry handle, so you can effortlessly pick it up and move it. Thanks to its compact size, it easily fits in your bag. As a result, you can take it anywhere with you.

Controls and app

The Sonos app of the Sonos move

Sonos Move: Sonos app

All Sonos speakers work with the Sonos app. The same goes for the Sonos Move. In this app, you can operate all your Sonos products and listen to music from all your favorite streaming services. You can also create a multi-room system by connecting multiple speakers to each other. On the go, you connect the speaker to your phone with Bluetooth. Simply connect via the settings on your smartphone.

The Bose Music app of the Bose Portable Home

Bose Portable Home: Bose Music app

Bose speakers work with the Bose Music app. This is similar to the Sonos app. You can operate multiple speakers at the same time or create a multi-room system. Just like the Sonos, you connect your smartphone to the Bose speaker via Bluetooth when you're out of the WiFi range. These apps are very similar and easy to operate.


The Sonos Move and the Bose Portable Home are two similar portable WiFi speakers in the same price range. The best choice depends on what you're looking for. The Move produces a full and spatial audio. The bass resonates nicely and both the high and low tones are clear and of with a good sound quality. The Bose provides a clear sound and properly distributes it through the room. Thanks to its compact size, this speaker is easier to take with you than the Sonos.

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