Advice on WiFi speakers

With WiFi speakers, you can connect your speakers to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via WiFi. The wireless connection makes it easy to switch between your different devices. You can still make calls while you're listening to music via your smartphone, for example. Want to know more about multi-room speakers? You'll find all the information you need on this page.

Advice on sound in multiple rooms (multi-room)

Multi-room speakers

With WiFi speakers, you can easily create a multi-room system to have the same music in every room of your home. How does a multi-room system work? How do I choose my first multi-room speaker? Find out below.

Advice on smart speakers

Smart speakers

A WiFi or multiroom speaker can support or have integrated voice controls. This allows you to control your music and smart devices in your home via voice commands. You'll also be up to date on your calendar and regional information, like the weather and traffic jams.

Help after purchase

Controls WiFi speakers

Did you buy a WiFi speaker or did you expand your multi-room system? Here, you can find all advice after purchase.

Advice on SONOS


Looking for your first SONOS speaker? We'll help you make the right choice and we'll explain what you can use this speaker for. Already have a SONOS speaker and want to expand the system? We can also give you advice on that.

Advice on Bose

Bose multi-room speakers

Want to know more about the Bose multi-room system? Here, you'll find advice on Bose multi-room speakers.

Advice on Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon speaker

Do you want more information on Harman Kardon WiFi speakers or the complete multi-room system? You can find more advice on Harman Kardon here.

Advice on HEOS by Denon

HEOS speakers

Are you looking for information on HEOS by Denon speakers? The HEOS speakers allow you to easily build a multi-room system. You can find more information on HEOS by Denon here.

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