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What is Google Assistant integrated into?

The Google Assistant software goes beyond just your smartphone, tablet, and Google Home speaker. You can also integrate Google Assistant into your car, for example. On this page, you can read about everything you can do and what you can integrate the Google Assistant software into.

Smart home hubs, smartphones, and tablets

Google Assistant and Smartphones

Smart home hubs

With a smart home hub you control all smart devices in your home. A hub with a built-in Google Assistant makes this even easier. All you have to do is ask Google to turn up the heating or dim the light.

Google Assistant and Tablets


Every Android (as from version 6.0) and iOS tablet is also compatible with Google Assistant. Download the app and ask any question that comes to mind. Start with 'Hey Google' to answer all your pressing questions.

Google Assistant and Smartwatches


Download Google Assistant on your Android and iOS smartphone and started using your voice control system system. "Hey Google, how do you say hello in Chinese?"

Television, speaker, and smartwatches

Google Assistant and Televisions


If your smart TV is compatible with Google Assistant, you can find the best series super quickly. Every Android TV has this feature built in by default. Press the microphone on the remote control and start using it right away.

Google Assistant and speakers


Your favorite song comes to mind and you want to hear it right now. You can! Say "Hey Google" and the song title and the speaker will play the beat before you know it.

Google Assistant and the car


Of course, smartwatches can't be left behind. Say "Hey Google" and get all the information about the weather, the latest news of the day, or set an alarm for the next day.

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