Advice on Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have 1 thing in common: you can carry them with you anywhere. Other than that, they may differ quite a lot. 1 might be very compact and easy to carry in your pocket, while another is very big and produces high volumes. After reading the articles on this page, you'll know exactly which Bluetooth speaker you need.

Help with choosing a Bluetooth speaker

Help with choosing a Bluetooth speaker

Expert reviews

Expert reviews Bluetooth speakers

Our experts share their experiences with specific Bluetooth speakers


Compare Bluetooth speakers

Can't decide between specific Bluetooth speakers? Our experts will compare multiple speakers and share their findings in the following articles.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers

Connecting Bluetooth speakers

Are you looking for information on how to connect your Bluetooth speakers to a smartphone or a "connect" function? We'll gladly tell you all about it.

JBL Bluetooth speakers

Tips for Bluetooth speakers

Do you want more information about JBL bluetooth speakers? Read it here!

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