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Compare the Apple iPad Air (2019) to the Apple iPad (2019)

Apple released 3 new iPad models in 2019, including the Apple iPad Air (2019) and the iPad (2019). The Apple iPad Air (2019) is actually the big brother of the iPad (2019), which is mostly thanks to the larger screen. These models also have many similarities. In this article, I'll compare the iPad Air (2019) and the iPad (2019). You can read everything about the similarities and differences.

Apple iPad Air (2019)

10.5-inch standard Retina Display | Multitasking with 2 apps at the same time | Compatible with Apple Pencil
Retail price 549,- 525,-
in stock
  • Thanks to the A12 processor, you can multitask without any problems and use multiple apps side by side.
  • Thanks to thinner screen bezels you have more screen space while the size of the casing remains the same.
  • You can watch videos or open multiple apps at the same time on the large 10.5-inch Retina display.
  • The Apple Pencil 1 isn't included by default, so you need to purchase it separately.

Apple iPad (2019)

10.2-inch standard Retina Display | Multitasking with 2 apps at the same time | Compatible with Apple Pencil 1 and Smart Keyboard
Retail price 369,- 349,-
in stock
  • With the Apple A10 Fusion chip, you can quickly navigate through apps.
  • You can expand your possibilities by connecting your Apple Pencil 1 or Smart Keyboard.
  • The iPad 2019 is less powerful than the iPad Air 2019, making it slower.
  • The Apple Pencil 1 isn't included by default, so you have to purchase it separately.

Comparison iPad Air (2019) and iPad (2019)

Apple iPad Air 2019 Apple iPad 2019
Screen 10.5-inch Retina display 10.2-inch Retina display
Processor A12 Bionic chip Apple A10
Unlock TouchID TouchID
Compatibility accessories Apple Pencil 1 + Smart Keyboard Apple Pencil (1st generation) + Smart Keyboard
Camera 8-MP 8-MP
FaceTime camera 7-MP 7-MP
Storage capacity 64 and 256GB 32GB and 128GB
Colors Silver, Space Gray, and Gold Silver, Space Gray, and Gold

The screen

Screen iPad Air

Apple iPad Air (2019): 10.5 inches

The 10.5-inch screen of the iPad Air 2019 is larger than the iPad 2019. Despite the larger screen, the size of the two iPad models is the same. This is thanks to the thinner screen bezels of the iPad Air 2019. This gives a more luxurious appearance and ensures less distractions when you're watching series. The resolution is slightly higher than with the iPad 2019 model, so the quality remains the same. The pixel density is 265 PPI, just like the iPad 2019.

Screen iPad 2019

Apple iPad (2019): 10.2 inches

The screen of the Apple iPad 2019 is slightly smaller than the iPad Air 2019. This gives you 10.2 inches to work on, compared to 10.5 inches on the iPad Air 2019. In proportion, the screen has the same number of pixels per inch. This means that the screen looks just as sharp as that of the iPad Air 2019. The bezels are thicker than of the iPad Air 2019, which means it has less screen space at the front compared to the iPad casing. But if you like to play games, those bezels are useful for holding your iPad properly.

The processor

iPad Air angled

Apple iPad Air (2019): A12 Bionic Chip

In the iPad Air (2019) we find the A12 Bionic Chip. This makes this tablet a lot faster than the iPad 2019. This allows you to quickly switch between different apps and place them next to each other without any effort. You can play 3D games at medium to high settings without any stutters.

iPad angled

Apple iPad (2019): A10 Fusion chip

The Apple iPad 2019 has an Apple A10 Fusion chip. This is the processor that we also find in the iPhone 7 (Plus), for example, so it's somewhat outdated. But that doesn't mean it's not fast. With the iPad 2019, you can use apps like Instagram and YouTube without any stutters. You can also play 3D games, but at low settings.

The storage capacity

iPad Air front, back, and side

Apple iPad Air (2019): 64GB and 256GB

With the Apple iPad Air (2019), you can choose 64GB or 256GB storage. the 64GB storage is enough to download all your favorite apps. You can also download the first episode of The Witcher to watch it offline on the train. Do you want to download the entire season? Go for 256GB storage, otherwise your iPad will be full in no time.

iPad 2019 front, back, and side

Apple iPad (2019): 32GB and 128GB

With the Apple iPad (2019), you can also choose 2 different storage capacities: 32GB and 128GB. These are lower numbers than for the iPad Air 2019, but fortunately not everyone needs that much storage. The 32GB version is for the internet users. Do you want to FaceTime, shop online, send emails, and work a lot with iCloud? In that case, 32GB of storage is sufficient. If you want to store more photos and videos on your iPad, the 128GB version will suit you better.


The iPad Air is suitable for school and the office, because it's slightly more powerful. In all respects, the Apple iPad (2019) isn't as strong as the Apple iPad Air 2019. But that says nothing about the quality of the tablet, it's just suitable for a different type of user. The Apple iPad 2019 is a tablet used by families at home, for basic tasks. For example, it's great for online purchases, updating emails, social media, and playing games.

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