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Different types of hearing protection

At Coolblue we sell not only earplugs that provide you with sound, but also protect against sound. Think of earplugs that prevent hearing damage during a festival or concert, for construction and earplugs for motorcycling. We also have an assortment of earplugs for sleeping, flying and swimming. There are variants for adults and children.

Hearing protection for festivals and concerts

Hearing protection for festivals and concerts

There are different types of hearing protection for music. Some earplugs only have a universal fit, while other caps come with extra sizes of sleeves for a personal fit. The most simple earplugs have 1 filter. The more expensive variants are often supplied with multiple filters that you use to determine the amount of damping.

Personal note


Cozy with your friends to a festival, dancing in a club until the early hours or together with your lover to a concert: we love it. Your ears alone are not. If your hearing is exposed to a sound level of 80 decibels or more for too long, the cilia in the cochlea break away from your ear. This creates permanent hearing damage. During festivals, concerts and parties in clubs, the volume sometimes ticks for hours 100 decibels. To avoid damage, you smart to buy hearing protection earplugs. So you do not have to miss a party and you will not beep in your ears anymore. When it comes to hearing protection, I often hear the argument: "I do not hear anything anymore." As a festival goer of the first hour and in possession of earplugs, I recommend it to everyone. The music is still loud, you can talk to your friends and after a few times you forget that you have ear plugs. Put them in before you go in, so you do not know how fast the music really is.

Hearing protection for musicians


As a musician you have to be careful with your ears. With special hearing protection you prevent hearing damage, while the quality and experience of the music remain unchanged. Unlike earplugs for earphones, ear plugs and headphones for musicians have a more flat frequency response. As a result, the attenuation of the music is distributed more evenly. They are suitable for DJs, drummers, violinists, brass players, guitarists and singers, among others.

Hearing protection for children

Gehoorbescherming kinderen

You yourself do not want to suffer any hearing damage, let alone your child has to deal with this. That is why, especially for children, there are hearing protection earphones and headphones. This way you can take your child with you to weddings, sports competitions, fireworks shows and other noisy events. Hearing protection headphones and earplugs are also increasingly being used for children who are quickly distracted. For example, children with ADHD or autism wear the headphones at school. The headphones have an adjustable headband, so they can last for several years.

Hearing protection for jobs and in construction

Gehoorbescherming bouw

It is generally known that you can suffer hearing damage from loud music, but sounds in the construction industry can be many times harder. To give you an idea: a washing machine produces about 60 decibels, in a club the noise level is often 100 decibels and a pneumatic drill can easily tap 120 decibels. To protect you from extreme loud noises during work, you can use earplugs and earmuffs specifically for construction.

Hearing protection for motorcycling

Gehoorbescherming motorrijden

Motorcyclists often suffer from wind noise. When you drive 100 kilometers per hour, the wind noise under your helmet is already harder than 90 decibels. This is not only tiring and irritating, but you can also sustain permanent hearing damage. You can prevent this with special motor earplugs. The traffic remains audible for safety and thanks to the filter system there is sufficient ventilation of the ear canal. The soft material ensures that they are comfortable under your helmet.

Hearing protection for sleeping

Gehoorbescherming slapen

A snoring partner, house party at the neighbors or traffic noise from the outside: sleeping caps block out this kind of disturbing sounds so that you have a good night's sleep. Thanks to the special filter, sounds from your alarm clock, voices, the doorbell and the fire alarm will still be audible. Sleeping caps are soft and stay in your ears, even if you sleep on your side.

Hearing protection for flies

Gehoorbescherming vliegen

You've probably experienced it: ear pain while ascending or descending on an airplane. That annoying feeling is over with airplane earplugs. They prevent the pressure difference that causes the pain. Cabin noise and the sound of the aircraft engine are also damped. The flight attendants, your travel partner (s) and reports remain audible. Thanks to the soft filters, the earplugs are comfortable and you lay your head against a neck cushion without pain. They are available for both children and adults.

Hearing protection for swimming

Gehoorbescherming zwemmen

With earplugs you prevent water in your ears during swimming, surfing, sailing or practicing a different water sport. You also protect yourself against an ear infection or a surfer ear. The material adapts to the shape of your ear, so that they remain firmly under all circumstances.

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