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Advice on electric patio heaters

A conservatory, veranda, balcony or patio: with an electric patio heater, you can heat all these (outdoor) spaces by means of an infrared light. You can hang the electric patio heater, or put it on the floor. This way, you can heat both large and small surfaces.

Where do you place an electric patio heater?

You place an electric heater on the floor, or mount it on the wall or ceiling.

Freestanding and hanging

Freestanding, electric patio heater

Freestanding, electric heater

You can easily move a freestanding, electric patio heater. The disadvantage of this, is that the patio heater is rather difficult to ignore.

Hanging, electric patio heater

Hanging, electric heater

Ceiling and wall heaters take up little space. The power cord is often short so you usually have to purchase an extension cord.

How does an electric patio heater work?

An electric patio heater emits heat via an infrared light or, in the case of a heat panel, a spiral heating element. The heating element in the electric heater converts electric power into heat. Infrared radiation operates at 3 different wavelengths; a short, medium and long wavelength. These infrared rays each have a separate effect on the heat radiation that you feel on your skin.

Short wave radiation (royal diamond, golden tube, golden shadow, heat strip, halogeen, carbon)

  • Most powerful heat radiation.
  • Heats objects, which means wind has little influence on the heat intensity.
  • The heat penetrates deep into the body.

Medium wave radiation (quartz)

  • Heats both the environment and objects around the heater.
  • Radiation is comparable to the heat emitted by the sun.
  • Is very sensitive to the wind because it also heats the air.

Long wave radiation

  • Heats the air and is therefore sensitive to wind.
  • Generally doesn't reach very far.

A heat panel has no infrared radiation. The wind sensitivity of a heat panel can be compared to the wind sensitivity of a patio heater with long wave radiation. You can compare the wind sensitivity of a heat strip to the wind sensitivity of a patio heater with short wave radiation.


In order to use your patio heater safely, we'll give you some tips:

  • Before connecting, check the heater's power to prevent overload.
  • Never cover the electric patio heater. Don't put any clothes on top if it, for example.
  • Always switch off the electric heater when you leave. This prevents overheating.
  • Make sure there are sufficient ventilation possibilities around the heater.
  • Check the manual of the heater to see where you may or may not hang the product.

Peak voltage

Peak voltage

Always pay attention to the peak voltage when purchasing electric patio heaters. Peak voltage? Yes, peak voltage is the amount of power that the patio heater requires at start-up. This can be up to 10 times as much as the power when your patio heater works normally. Are you going to purchase more patio heaters? Then the chances are that you stop sticking out unless you have multiple power groups. To prevent this, you can call in the help of a qualified installer or use a special soft starter. Read more about this in the article below.

Don't forget the accessories!

Soft starter and extension cords

Soft starter

To avoid overloading your electric circuit, we recommend a soft starter. This preserves the quality of the infrared light. Thanks to the gradual start of the soft starter, you extend the life of the infrared light with 30 percent.

Extension cords

The cord of an electric patio heater is often short. Do you want to mount the heater to the wall or ceiling? If so, it's useful to purchase an extension cord. With this, you have control over how high you're going to mount the heater.

Wall mounts, stands and protective covers

All wall mounts and stands

Is there no mounting material with the terrace heater included? If so, a wall mount is a good option. This allows you to easily mount the electric heater to the wall. With a stand, you can easily move the electric heater. This way, you don't have to drill holes in your wall and you determine the height and place of the heating yourself.

All protective covers

Extend the life of the electric patio heater with a protective cover. Before purchase, check whether the type and sizes of the patio heater and the cover match.

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