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3 factors that influence your baby monitor's range

The maximum range of a baby monitor; this topic involves a lot of discussion. Because which baby monitor has a large range? And can you accept the specified range? There are some factors that affect the range of your baby monitor. We explain the 3 most important factors so that you know what to take into account when buying a baby monitor.

Just to fall home with the door

You can not get the maximum specified range of a baby monitor in any case. There are 3 major factors that affect the range. In addition, the type of baby monitor also affects the range. The range of DECT baby monitors, analogue baby monitors and digital baby monitors is around 50 meters indoors. PMR baby monitors and baby monitor with their own communication technique such as Babymoov baby monitors reach a little further. Think of a range between 500 meters and 2 kilometers. The smartphone baby monitors, or the wifi baby monitors, have range everywhere as long as you have a strong WiFi signal. The presence of the factors below reduces this number of meters again.

1. Concrete walls

Reach baby monitor through concrete wall

The range of many baby monitors is often reduced by thick, concrete walls. Do you live in a new house? Then chances are that the baby monitor's signal does not reach as far as indicated on the box. Also apartment complexes and apartment buildings are usually made of stoned concrete. The disadvantage of these constructions is that they disrupt the range of many baby monitors. This is only the case when you are on a different floor than your little one.

2. Insulated houses, degree of insulation

Isolated home range baby monitor

Do you live in a well-insulated house? Then that is beneficial for the heating costs, but less favorable for the range of the baby monitor. The degree of insulation in your house limits the range considerably.

3. Other signals in and around the house

Other signals influence range baby monitor

With so many electronic devices in the house, it is possible that devices can disrupt each other. We call that electrosmog. Unfortunately, a baby monitor suffers. Analog baby monitors are most affected by this. This can disturb the sound, for example, when you warm up a bite in the microwave. Or you can hear the baby from the neighbors babble through your baby monitor because you are tuned to the same channel. Wifi baby monitors can also be affected when many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network.


When choosing a baby monitor, keep in mind which of the above factors apply to you. It is also entirely up to your wishes how much reach you need. For example, do you live in a well-insulated new-build house and do you still want to hear your little one in the backyard? Then go for a baby monitor with a long range or a smartphone baby monitor. Do you live in an apartment or family home and use the baby monitor only when you are at home? Then a baby monitor with a maximum of 50 meters is enough.

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