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Frothing milk, this is how you do it

You enjoy having a cappuccino or a latte macchiato and you know that a thick layer of milk foam is a necessity. The question is, how do you froth milk by yourself? Frothing milk can be done in various ways. There are, for example, special milk frothers, that you use separately from your coffee machine. It could also be that you've got a nice espresso machine at home that you can use to froth milk, for example with a steam pipe or with an integrated milk reservoir. This allows you to prepare your favorite milk specialty in an entirely different way. On this page, I'll gladly explain the various ways of frothing milk to you.

With a milk reservoir

Preparing cappuccino with 1 press of a button

Want to prepare cappuccino with just 1 press of a putton? You'll need a fully automatic espresso machine with a milk reservoir. Choose your desired milk specialty, set the milk to espresso rate if needed, wait a while, and your cappuccino is ready!

With a milk hose

Frothing milk with a milk hose

A milk hose froths the milk for you automatically. All you need to do is stick the hose into a carton of milk. Make a cappuccino to your taste by adding the desired amount of espresso. Read how to prepare a cappuccino using a coffee machine with a milk hose here.

With a steam pipe

Frothing milk with a steam pipe

With a steam pipe, you'll be able to influence the milk foam's result yourself a lot. Think of the foam's structure and thickness. You'll be able to make it according to your desire this way. Frothing milk with a steam pipe does require some practice. Read how it works here.

With a milk frother

Frothing milk with a milk frother

With a milk frother, you'll froth milk very easily. Just put in the milk, press the button and it'll get to work for you. Afterwards, the only thing you'll need to do is pour it into your cup. You use the milk frother separately from your coffee machine. Read how to make cappuccino with a milk frother here.


Frothing milk manually

Manually frothing milk requires some time and arm strength. If you rarely make a cappuccino, it's easy enough to do. Frothing milk by hand can be done in various ways. Use a mechanical milk frother, a battery-powered whisk, or do it the old-fashioned way with a whisk. Read how it works here.

What milk should you use?

Milk for cappuccino

For a cappuccino with soft, creamy milk foam, the kind of milk you choose is important, since a cappuccino is two-thirds milk. Frothing milk is best done with full, long-life milk. Make sure the milk is cooled before frothing it. Read how exactly it works here.

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