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Compare the Google Chromecast to Apple TV

One of the biggest advantages of steaming services such as Netflix and HBO GO is that you aren't dependent of broadcast programming or a computer in order to watch your favorite movies and series. The Google Chromecast allows you to simply stream these services from your smartphone to your television with help of an app. The Apple TV is a full-fledged media center. Thanks to the tvOS operating system and the included remote, you can enjoy infinite content without having to use a smartphone. In case you only want to use Netflix, a Chromecast is all you need. But why would you pay more for an Apple TV? On this page, you can read the main differences.

Main differences between Chromecast and Apple TV

Google Chromecast Apple TV
I want to stream Netflix to my TV Yes Yes
I want to use my Android smartphone. Yes No
I want to use my iPhone Yes Yes
I want to control the media player without a smartphone No Yes
I want to use other Apple products via AirPlay No Yes



Pocket-size media player

Thanks to the compact size of the Chromecast (51.9x51.9x13.49mm), you can also use it outside of your home. If you travel a lot, you can easily connect it to the TV in your hotel room, for example.

Apple TV

Small hub beneath your TV

The Apple TV is a full-fledged media player, but is also a lot bigger (98x98x35mm). All you need to do is place it beneath or next to your television. The simple, black design is easily concealed in your TV set up.


Using a Chromecast

Stream via your own device

You can easily connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV and keep it out of sight. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the Chromecast via WiFi and directly stream your favorite series to your TV in Full HD. You can stream as fast as your smartphone and router allow for. An outdated phone and a slow router can lead to longer loading times. The newer your equipment, the less you'll be troubled by this.

Using an Apple TV

Full-fledged media player

Place the Apple TV under or next to your TV and connect it via the HDMI port. Operation is via the remote control, iPod, iPhone or iPad. Thanks to the hard disk, processor and TVOS, the Apple TV is a full-fledged media player. In addition to Wi-Fi, you can also connect an internet cable to prevent load times. Apple TV streams in Full HD and 4K.

Available apps

When it comes to content, the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV are on equal terms in the Netherlands. All of the popular media services, such as Netflix and HBO GO, are available on both devices. One advantage of the Apple TV is that it comes pre-installed with a large selection of apps and services. You'll have to install these yourself on the Chromecast. In case you also want to play games, you're better off with the Apple TV. The tvOS platform features a large number of games that have been specially developed for use with the Apple Remote. The selection of apps on the Chromecast is still limited, and the apps don't always work with every phone.


The Chromecast is the most budget-friendly solution to stream popular apps such as Netflix to your television. You control it with virtually any smartphone and easily connect it. In addition, the compact size of the Chromecast is ideal for use on holiday. As a demanding user you choose the Apple TV. Gaming, watching movies or a fast workout with instructor, you do it all. You are not dependent on a smartphone and thanks to tvOS you can easily navigate through all your content.

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