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Switch from gas cooking to 3-phase electric cooking

You want to switch from cooking on a gas hob to cooking on a very powerful 3-phase cooker. How you do this depends on how many phases your grid operator supplies to your home. Depending on whether these are 1 or 3 phases, you follow one of the steps below.

See how many phases flow into your home

The energy meter always shows how many phases of electricity your house enters. These can be 1 phase or 3 phases. Look at the electricity meter in your meter cupboard. How many phases of electricity does your home provide?

  • 1 phase: there is 220 / 230V on your electricity meter.
  • 3 phases: there is 3x220 / 230V or 380 / 400V on your electricity meter.

Are you stuck? Then contact your network operator and ask how many phases they supply to your home.

Step-by-step plan 1 phase

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To make your home with 1-phase connection suitable for a very powerful 3-phase cooker, please contact your network manager. They can tell you whether it is possible to supply 3 phases of electricity instead of 1 phase and what the costs are. As soon as you receive 3 phases, call an electrician. He can build a power group in your meter cupboard and extend the wiring to your kitchen. After this, your home is suitable for a 3-phase cooker.

Step-by-step plan 3 phases

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Is there 3x220 / 230V or 380 / 400V on your electricity meter? Then your grid operator supplies enough electricity for a 3-phase hob. Now it is a matter of contacting an electrician to make your meter cupboard and kitchen suitable. He places a power group in your meter cupboard against payment and transfers the required wiring to your kitchen. Once all this has happened, your home is suitable for a powerful hot plate that works with 3-phase power.

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