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How do I replace the carbon filter on a range hood?

Every recirculation hood uses carbon filters. The device cleans the air in your kitchen and then blows it back. To ensure that your hood works properly, it is important to replace the filters regularly. Exactly when and how you do this depends on the type of filter and the use of your hood.

Carbon filter life span

Range hood with fumes

How long a carbon filter lasts depends on the type of filter and the use of your extractor hood. You replace most carbon filters every 3 to 12 months. You know that the filter needs replacing if odors are left in your kitchen after cooking. Some extractor hoods are equipped with an electronic cleaning indicator. A light will illuminate when your filters are due for replacement.

Replace filters

Disconnect the filter

We recommend that you consult the supplier's manual to see exactly how to do this. This differs greatly per type and model. Make sure the plug is not in the socket. A carbon filter is always on the suction side of the engine. In most cases you have to remove the grease filters and possibly the grille to get to the engine. Remove the old carbon filters and install the new ones. Some filters click in place, with others you have to work with a screwdriver.

Required filters

Different filters for range hoods

Not every carbon filter is suitable for your extractor hood. This often differs per brand, model and type. Consult the manual to see which carbon filters you need according to the supplier. On the product page of both the extractor hood and the filter itself, we indicate which combinations are possible. There are also universal carbon filters that you cut to size. Pay attention to the width of your hood, so that you are sure that the filters are suitable.

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