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How do you replace the parts of a range hood?

Is the lamp of your cooker hood broken, do the carbon filters no longer absorb odors or has the engine failed? Then you want to replace these hood parts. Preferably today. In this article you can read how you can easily replace the most vulnerable parts of an extractor hood yourself.

How do I replace the light bulb?

Grease filters extractor

Replacing the lamp of an extractor hood is done in no time. To get started, unplug the power cord. In most hoods, the lighting is behind the grease filters on the inside of the hood. To be able to do this, remove the filters by pressing in the lock. Remove the old lamp from the socket and place a new one. Then you put the fat filters back. Are you stuck? Then read the supplied manual.

How do I replace the carbon filters?

Carbon filters

You replace the carbon filters of your recirculation range hood every 3 to 12 months. After this period, the filters saturate and no longer absorb cooking fumes. How to replace a carbon filter of an extractor hood differs per model and is described in the enclosed manual. Can't find your manual? In the article 'How do I replace the carbon filter of a cooker hood' you can read the general steps.

How do I replace the motor?

Engine hood

Important: remove the plug from the socket before you start. As soon as there is no power on the extractor hood, remove the grease filters. Use a screwdriver to turn the wiring protection cap and take a picture of the crown strip with the power wires. After this you disconnect the power wires. Unscrew the protective cover from the defective motor and replace it. Attach the wiring as in the photo. After you have replaced the engine of your extractor hood, screw the protective caps back into place and replace the grease filters.

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