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How do you mount an under-cabinet range hood?

You can mount a hood for undermount under a kitchen cupboard or directly on the wall. You can read how to approach this in the following 6 steps. It is a general step-by-step plan for all brands of extractor hoods. The precise steps per brand are described in the accompanying manual.


Requirements substantiate extractor hood

To mount a substructure extractor you need:

  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A drill
  • 2 hose clamps
  • An extra pair of hands
  • A saw (when mounted under a kitchen cabinet)
  • A spirit level (when mounted on the wall)
  • (when mounted on the wall)

Step 1. Determine the placement

Visual correct placement of cooker hood above hob / stove

You can mount a substructure extractor under a kitchen cupboard or on the wall. To ensure that the extractor hood hangs directly above your hob or stove, draw a center line on the back wall with a pencil. This is a vertical line that indicates the center of the hob. Also make sure that you maintain the correct distance between the hob and the extractor hood. How many centimeters this is, is stated in the manual.

Step 2. Remove the foil

Protective film on extractor hood

Protective film is on many hoods. You remove this foil before mounting, because now you can easily add it. To remove the protective film, first remove the grease filters from the hood. After this you gently peel off the foil.

Step 3. Draw the required openings

Installation under kitchen cupboard

Place the supplied template on the bottom of the kitchen cupboard. Make sure the center is an extension of the drawn center line. Mark the screw holes and the hole for the connection cable. If you connect the extractor hood to the air outlet, you also draw the opening for the outlet.

Placement on the wall

Take the template for mounting on the wall and hold it against the place where the hood comes. Make sure that the template is level and that the center is an extension of the drawn center line. The top of the mold is the same as the top of the extractor hood. After this you mark the places of the screw holes.

Step 4. Drill openings

Electric drill

The required diameter and screws are included in the enclosed manual.

Placement under kitchen cabinet

Drill the screw holes and the opening for the power cord in the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. When connecting the extractor hood to the air outlet, you also saw the opening for the outlet in the kitchen cabinet.

Wall mounting

You need the supplied mounting brackets and plugs. Drill the markings on the wall and place the plugs. After this you fix the hooks with the screws.

Step 5. Install the extractor hood

Range hood substructure

Now you need an extra pair of hands.

Placement under kitchen cabinet

Lift the extractor hood to the bottom of the cabinet and push the power cord through the newly drilled opening. Then fix the hood with the screws indicated in the manual. Do this through the inside of the kitchen cupboard in the top of the extractor hood.

Wall mounting

Lift the extractor hood towards the wall and mount it on the mounting brackets. How to do this exactly is described in the enclosed manual.

Step 6. Install the drain pipe

Visual drain pipe assemble extractor hood

Place the air exhaust hose on the outlet spout and secure it with a hose clamp. Now mount the outlet nozzle in the opening of the extractor hood and tighten it by turning. You then attach the air outlet hose to the outlet to the outside. If necessary, install a non-return valve and secure the hose with a hose clamp. Does your exhaust pipe not fit? Then consult the manual.

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