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How do you mount a wall-mounted range hood?

Fitting a wall-mounted extractor hood sounds like a tough job, but it does not have to be. With the right tools and an extra pair of hands, the installation of a wall-mounted extractor hood is done in this way. On this page you can read step by step how to install a chimney cap.


To hang up a hood, you need a ruler, pencil, hammer drill, plugs and an extra pair of hands. Below you can read step by step how to mount a hood.

Step 1: Draw the center line on the wall

Drawing center line on the wall

To hang the hood exactly in the middle above the hob, draw the center line with a ruler (preferably with level). This is a vertical line that you draw on the wall. The center line indicates the center of the hob. You determine the center by measuring the width of your hob and dividing by 2. By drawing a center line with pencil, your extractor hood will hang in the middle above your hob.

Step 2: Mark where you need to drill

Drawing distance between range hood and cooktop

Now that the center line is visible, take out the extractor hood. The cooker hood should be at least 65 centimeters above the hob. On the inside of the hood are holes with which you hang the hood by means of screws. Position the hood on the spot where you want it and use a pencil to mark where you need to drill. To determine where you want the cooker hood, use the center line and a spirit level to hang the cooker hood straight and in the middle. The shaft of the extractor hood is not only attached to the hood itself, but also to a holder at the ceiling. Push this holder against the ceiling and mark where you need to drill.

Step 3A: Check your wall

Before you start drilling, you must first check that there are no pipes on the spot where you want to drill. To find out, use a pipe finder. Then you go to the next step.

3B: Drill the holes

In the enclosed manual of your cooker hood you can read how big and deep the holes must be that you drill. This depends on the screws you use to attach the hood and the shaft holder to the wall. Depending on the material of the wall, you need a specific drill. Which you need and how you use it best, you can read in the article below.

Step 4: Hang up the extractor hood

Place a plug in all the holes that you have just drilled and tighten the screw. Then hang the hood on the screws and tighten them firmly.

Step 5: Mount the drain pipe

Drawing drain pipe

With most hoods you have to place a flange on the top of the hood so that you can connect the drain pipe. A flange is a plastic ring that comes with the hood when it is needed for installation. If this is not the case with your cooker hood, fit the drain hose directly onto the cooker hood. The outlet pipe is fixed on both sides with the help of a hose clamp.

Step 6: Mount the chimney

Drawing mount to wall

Secure the chimney with the supplied screws at the top of the extractor hood and the bracket on the ceiling.

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