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Wall-mounted range hood: what do I need to keep in mind?

The wall-mounted range hood is the most popular range hood and it's available in various types. When buying a wall-mounted range hood, you need to consider, among other things, the dimensions and the kind of exhaust system. In this article, you'll read exactly what things to keep in mind.


Wall-mounted range hood

You mount a wall-mounted range hood directly to the wall. It's available in 3 editions: standard, slanted, and flat. This allows you to choose a wall-mounted range hood that suits the style and layout of your kitchen best. No matter what wall-mounted model you choose, always make sure you have a wall where the range hood fits.

Exhaust system

Exhaust system wall-mounted range hood

Before choosing a wall-mounted range hood, it's important to know what kind of exhaust system you have at your home. You can have an exhaust system leading outside or a central exhaust system, for example. If you have neither of these, you need a range hood with recirculation. The range hood will filter the air in your kitchen and blows clean air back into the room.

Standard wall-mounted range hood

Standard wall-mounted range hood

The most common wall-mounted range hood is a standard range hood. This range hood is wide at the bottom and narrows towards the top. You'll find this kind of range hood in most households, because it's the most standard version.

Slanted wall-mounted range hood

Slanted wall-mounted range hood

You have more space in your kitchen with a slanted range hood. This means you won't have to be afraid you bump your head. The range hood doesn't hang straight above your stove, but goes upwards diagonally. In terms of shape, this model is comparable to a TV.

Flat wall-mounted range hood

Flat wall-mounted range hood

A flat wall-mounted range hood is flat at the bottom and has a rectangular shape. This sleek model is useful if you want put kitchen supplies on your range hood. This allows you to easily grab your herbs and you don't have to look for your thyme or basil.


Wall-mounted range hood kitchen

When choosing a wall-mounted range hood, it's important to consider the dimensions. A wall-mounted range hood comes in different size. You can choose from a width of 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, and 90cm. Ideally, the range hood is at least as wide as your cooktop.


Wall-mounted range hood light

To install your wall-mounted range hood, you need the right tools and an extra set of hands. You need to draw a center line on the wall and mark where you need to drill before installation. After drilling the holes, you mount the range hood. Mount the exhaust hose and the hood and you're done.

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