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How do you reset a Huawei smartphone?

By resetting your Huawei smartphone, you delete all your personal data and put the device back to factory settings. This could help when your phone's become very slow, for example. It's also important to reset your phone when you trade it in or sell it. You can easily reset your Huawei smartphone by following these steps.

Before you start: create a backup

Keep in mind that when you reset your Huawei smartphone, all your personal data is deleted. This includes your apps, contacts, photos, and videos. Make sure to create a backup of what you want to store. You could store everything in the cloud or on a memory card, for example.

Step 1: settings

Resetting the Huawei smartphone

On your home screen, go to Settings.

Step 2: system

Huawei smartphone system settings

Scroll all the way down and press System.

Step 3: reset

Resetting the Huawei smartphone

Press Reset.

Step 4: resetting

Resetting the Huawei phone

Press Reset phone.

Step 5: resetting and confirming

Resetting the Huawei smartphone

You'll first receive a warning. Press Reset phone and enter your password to confirm the reset. Your Huawei smartphone will now be returned to factory settings and all your personal files will be deleted.

Help from an expert in the store

Help from an expert in the store

Do you need help resetting your Huawei device? In the Coolblue stores, you'll find experts who can help you with this. Take your device with you and explain to our experts what needs to be done. Before you know it, you'll have a completely reset Huawei device. You can also contact our experts for other questions about your Huawei device.

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