Help after purchase of a smartphone

You have a smartphone, but you're not sure what all the specifications mean or how to properly set everything up. Or you're wondering what you can do with all the accessories. What do you need to do if something's not working the way it should work? Our experts will help you out with their advice.

Reset your smartphone

By resetting your smartphone, you remove all personal data from your phone. It's wise to do this before you resell or exchange your phone. A reset can also help if your phone is very slow or often crashes. Here, you can read how to reset your smartphone per brand. Is your phone not there? Brands such as Nokia and Motorola work almost the same as with Android One devices.

General help

Almost everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone knows everything about it. That's why our experts are there for you. They'll advise you on all kinds of specifications, accessories, and errors that you might run into.

Help with specifications

Are you curious about how a certain specification of your phone works? Here, you can read our advice on topics such as dual SIM and Bluetooth.

Help with charging

There are now several ways to charge your phone: via a cable, a fast charger, but also wirelessly. Read our advice about charging your smartphone here.

Apple iPhone

Everything on Apple

Samsung phones

Everything on Samsung

Do you own a Samsung smartphone and are you looking for help? Here, you'll find our advice on Samsung settings and apps, but also on installations of, applications for, and issues with specific Samsung models.

Motorola phones

Everything on Motorola

Do you need help using your Motorola smartphone? You'll find advice here, so you can optimally use your Motorola phone and know what to do in case of problems.

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