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How do I set up my Apple iPhone?

I have just received my new iPhone. I want to test the camera right away and app all my friends. Of course, I must first configure my iPhone for this. In this article I explain in 9 steps how to set up a new iPhone.

Step 1: Turn on Apple iPhone

Switch on iPhone
  • I turn on Apple iPhone by pressing the button on the right side of iPhone until the Apple logo appears.
  • The word 'Hello' comes in many different languages.
  • In the next screen I choose the language and my country. In this case Dutch and Netherlands.

Step 2: use 'Start immediately' or set manually

Configure iPhone
  • If I have an old iPhone with iOS 11 or higher, I will keep it next to my new iPhone to set it up quickly. I then follow the steps.
  • I don't have this, so I click on Configure manually.

Step 3: activate the iPhone

Activate iPhone
  • I activate my iPhone by connecting to WiFi, a mobile network or iTunes.
  • Since I am at home, I choose my own WiFi network.
  • To activate my iPhone via a mobile network, I first have to insert my SIM card into the device.

Step 4: set security

iPhone security

I unlock IPhone X, Xs and Xr via Face ID, or face recognition. I unlock an older iPhone like iPhone 7 or 8 with Touch ID or the fingerprint scanner.

  • In this screen I tap Continue and follow the instructions. This is how I set up Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Then I set a 6-digit access code.
  • Do I want a 4-digit code or no code at all? Then I click on Access code options. I do not recommend setting a code.

Step 5: apps and data

iPhone apps and data
  • In the next screen I get the choice to transfer old data. This can be done from an iCloud backup or iTunes backup or an old Android phone. * I don't have this and so tap Configure as new iPhone.

Step 6: log in with Apple ID

Installing iPhone Apple ID
  • I enter my Apple ID and tap Next.
  • If I do not want this or want to create an Apple ID, I click on Forgot password or no Apple ID and follow the steps.

Step 7: Set up Siri

Set up Siri
  • Now I set up Siri. I tap Continue and say a few sentences to Siri so that my voice is recognized.
  • I have logged in with Apple ID and I am now also setting my iCloud keychain.

Step 8: set the screen time

Screen time iPhone

In this screen I turn the Screen time option on or off.

  • To enable Screen Time, tap Continue and follow the steps.

  • Do I not want to enable this? Then I choose Configure later in settings.

Step 9: enable automatic updates

Automatically update iPhone

Almost finished! The final screens ask if I want to share information with app developers, automatically update iOS and enable True Tone.

  • I follow the steps and keep clicking on Continue. My new iPhone is now ready for use!

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