Apple iPhone support

Do you have a new iPhone? We're happy to help you get started. Whether you want to set it up or are curious about the different functions of the device. Here, you can find all sorts of useful tips that will help you make the most of your iPhone.

Get started with your new iPhone

Unpacking the Apple iPhone

Set up your new iPhone, sign into email, and transfer your information. We're happy to help you, so you can try out all of the awesome functions on your iPhone as quickly as possible.

Useful functions on your iPhone

Operate the Apple iPhone 11

Your iPhone is full of useful functions. For example, you can unlock your device with Face ID, give commands via Siri, and pay via Apple Pay. Learn all about it in our advice.

Solve problems with your iPhone

Apple iPhone settings

Problems with your iPhone are annoying, but luckily you can often solve them yourself. Below, you can read how to solve different iPhone problems.

Tips for use

Operate Apple iPhone 11 Pro

We've listed some useful life hacks. In addition, you can also find tips to extend the battery life and make your iPhone faster.

iPhone in the Apple ecosystem

Apple iPhone and MacBook and iPad

Are you curious about how the iPhone works together with other Apple products? Check out the articles below.

Accessories for your iPhone

MagSafe and iPhone 12 Pro

Complete your iPhone with accessories. For example, a charger isn't included with your iPhone by default. Here, you can read all about MagSafe chargers, fast chargers, and wireless chargers.

Refurbished iPhone

Your refurbished iPhone has a 2-year warranty, just like all other smartphones. Want to know more? We'll tell you all about it.

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