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5 Apple iPhone life hacks for advanced users

Apple iPhone is a smart device. You may have had an iPhone for this before. You are not a beginner and you have mastered the basic functions. Maybe there are still a number of things that even you don't know. I wonder if you are already aware of these 5 tips for advanced users.

1. Typo? Just shake it!

iPhone shake when typing error

While typing, I make a typo. In this case I usually look for the undo button, but there is something that works much faster. Apple has come up with something: shake! Because I shake the iPhone vigorously, I reverse my last action. Think of errors such as a wrongly typed word or an unintended line in a drawing. Of course I can also use the Backspace key for this, but shaking is much more fun.

2. Film your screen

Filming iPhone screen

We all know how to make a screenshot. In iOS 11 it is also possible to make a recording of my screen. For example, I share a game performance with my friends. I add the button to the control panel. When I impress this, the screen records until I press the button again.

  1. In the Settings app I go to Control panel.
  2. I tap Adjust controls.
  3. I search for Screen recording and press the green plus sign.

The record button is now in the Control Panel.

3. Set music on the timer

iPhone music timer

I like to fall asleep while listening to a quiet playlist. When I do that, I set on iPhone that my music stops playing after a while. How?

  1. In the clock app I tap on Timer in the bottom right.
  2. In the upper part I set how long my music can play.
  3. I go to If timer ends.
  4. Here I scroll down and tap Stop Play.
  5. I tap Set and press the Start button.

The set time now ticks away. Is the time at 0? Then the music stops. But I hope that I am already sleeping well.

4. Create your own vibration for notifications

iPhone vibration notifications

The sound of my iPhone is usually off. I don't know what message comes in from the vibration of my iPhone. That is why I adjust the vibration per message.

  1. I open * Settings * and navigate to * Hearing and feeling *.
  2. I choose the sound option that I want to adjust.
  3. I tap * Vibrate*.

Here I select the vibration pattern that I want to use or I create one myself via the Create new vibration option. When I'm done I press Stop and Play. If I am satisfied, press Save. I give the new vibration a name and then add it to the sound option.

5. Search for words in Safari

iPhone search function Safari

When I read a long article on my laptop, I regularly use the search function to look up a word. Safari on iPhone has this feature too. When I am on a webpage, I tap the Share icon below; this is the square with the arrow. I swipe to the right in the bottom bar and go to Search on page. Here I enter the search term. All search results are now displayed. By tapping the arrows, I switch between next and previous search results.

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