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How do I reset my Samsung smartphone?

By resetting your Samsung smartphone, you delete all your personal files and settings. This could help if you have problems with your smartphone, for example when your device often freezes. On top of that, it's a good idea to delete your personal data before you sell or trade in your phone. Follow these steps to quickly and easily reset your Samsung phone.

Before you start: create a backup

When resetting your Samsung smartphone, all your personal files are deleted. That means all your photos, videos, and contacts are erased as well. That's why you should first create a backup of all the files you want to save. You could store them on a memory card or in the cloud, for example.

Step 1: open the menu with all your apps

Samsung home screen apps

Open the menu with all the apps via your homescreen.

Step 2: settings

Samsung smartphone settings

Press Settings.

Step 3: general management

Samsung smartphone general management

Scroll down and press General management.

Step 4: resetting

Resetting the Samsung smartphone

Press Reset.

Step 5: restoring factory data

Restoring Samsung smartphone factory data

Press Factory data reset.

Step 6: confirm and reset

Resetting the Samsung smartphone

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