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How do you fix a Samsung dryer error yourself?

Your Samsung dryer is malfunctioning and shows an error code. For example, when the lint trap is clogged or the door doesn't close properly. Luckily, there is a possible solution for every Samsung dryer error. This means you don't have to call a technician immediately. Here, you can read here what each error code means and what to do if your Samsung dryer is malfunctioning.

Samsung fault tE, tE2, or tE4

Samsung dryer error tE

The lint trap or condenser of your Samsung dryer may be clogged. Clean these as follows:

  1. Take out the lint trap and remove any large dust particles.
  2. Wipe the area where the lint trap is located with a dust cloth and gently rinse the dust sensor.
  3. Put the lint trap back in place.
  4. Clean the condenser grille with a vacuum brush.

Samsung error tE5

Samsung dryer error tE5

Error code tE5 means there is a problem temperature sensor of the compressor. Turn off the dryer for 5 minutes and restart the cycle.

Samsung error dE or dF

Samsung dryer error dE or dF

Check the door when you see Samsung error dE or dF. There may be laundry caught in the door, which prevents it from closing properly. Load your dryer with care, close the door, and restart the cycle.

Samsung error HC or HE

Samsung dryer error HC or HE

The hot air compressor may be overheated.

  1. Turn off the dryer for 20 minutes.
  2. Turn on the dryer and restart the cycle.
  3. Not working? Turn off the dryer again.
  4. Simultaneously press the 2 buttons (depending on the model) 'time' and 'mixed laundry', or 'dryness level' and 'mixed laundry'.
  5. Turn on the dryer.
  6. Let go of the buttons as soon as the DE notification appears or if all the lights are on.
  7. Switch the dryer off and on again.

Samsung error 2E

Samsung dryer error 2E

Perhaps the dryer isn't plugged in, or the socket doesn't supply power. To find out if there is electricity, test whether another product works on this socket. Another product doesn't work? You can be sure that electricity is the problem and that there is nothing wrong with the dryer.

Samsung malfunction 3E

Samsung dryer error 3E

Error 3E means the motor isn't working. Switch off the dryer and restart the cycle.

Samsung malfunction 5E

Samsung dryer error 5E

Error code 5E means the water reservoir of your Samsung dryer is full. Empty the condenser reservoir, switch the dryer on again, and restart the dryer cycle.

Didn't fix the problem?

Coolblue customer service

If your dryer still gives an error, a technician should look into it. One of the parts may be broken. Did you buy the dryer at Coolblue and is it covered by the warranty? Please contact our Customer Service. Is the dryer out of warranty or did you buy it elsewhere? Please contact Samsung to solve the problem.

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