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My dryer doesn't dry well, what now?

You buy a dryer with one goal: drying your laundry. That means it's very annoying if your dryer doesn't dry properly. In this article, I'll tell you about the possible causes of bad drying performance, and I'll give you tips to prevent this.

Choose the right cycle and load

Washing label

For the best drying performance, you should choose the right cycle. Always keep cotton and synthetic laundry separate. The fibers of these fabrics differ, which means they have different drying times. The amount of laundry you put in the dryer is important too. Consult your dryer manual if you want to know what the maximum load is for which program.

Clean the sensor

Dryer drum

Dryers have a sensor in the drum that measures the humidity. The location of this sensor differs for each model. During a cycle, detergent and fabric softener accumulate on the sensor. This makes it less accurate and the program might stop prematurely. You can solve this problem by cleaning the sensor once a month with a damp cloth. Check the manual of your dryer for the precise location of the sensor.

Clean the filter and the condenser.

Dryer lint trap

Clean the condenser and the filter regularly. A dirty or clogged condenser means the dryer can't extract the humidity from the hot air. This makes your laundry dry less well. A clogged lint filter also influences the drying result, because the air can't flow freely. Read how to clean the condenser and the filter in the following article.

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