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How do you descale your Jura D4 coffee machine?

You can easily follow the instructions in the video to descale your Jura D4 quickly and easily. You'll rarely have to descale the machine if you use a Claris Smart water filter, which helps you prevent limescale disposition.

How often do you need to descale?

A Jura needs to be descaled about once every 2 years if you're using the Jura Claris Pro Smart water filter. It's important to always replace the filter on time. The coffee machine automatically notifies you when the filter needs to be replaced and when descaling is required.

Which descaling agent do you use?

We recommend you to use the Jura descaling tablets. This cleaning agent is made to suit your coffee machine, so you can be sure your machine won't become damaged.

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Iris Coffee Machine Expert.

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