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How do you descale your Jura E8 coffee machine?

The video below shows step by step what you need to do to descale your Jura E8. A notification will automatically appear in the display when descaling is necessary. By descaling the machine, you extend the lifespan of the coffee machine. If you use the Jura Claris Smart water filter and you always replace it on time, descaling is rarely necessary.

How often do you need to descale?

Descaling the Jura E8

When you use the Jura Claris Smart water filter and replace it on time, descaling is actually not necessary. If there is a lot of limescale in your water or if you haven't used the machine for a long time, it's still wise to descale. The Jura Z6 automatically notifies you when descaling is necessary.

Which descaling agent do you use?

3x 3 descaling tablets | Suitable for Jura coffee machines | For 3 descaling runs
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We recommend that you use the Jura descaling tablets. This cleaning agent is precisely tailored to your coffee machine, so that you can be sure that water pipes won't be damaged. This also prevents the warranty on the coffee machine from expiring due to the use of incorrect cleaning agents.

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