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How do you clean the brew group of your Jura E6 or E60 coffee machine?

We'll show you exactly how to clean the brew group of the Jura E6 and E60. You use the automatic cleaning program and cleaning tablets for this. All remaining coffee residues will be rinsed away, so the brew group can continue to do its job properly. Make sure you always perform the cleaning when the coffee machine gives a notification. This way, you can continue to enjoy good quality coffee.

How often should you clean?

Clean the Jura E6 brew group

You should clean the brew group about once every six months. The Jura D6 will automatically notify you, so you don't have to keep track of this yourself. This will be approximately after brewing 180 cups of coffee. The brew group is an important part of a fully automatic coffee machine and should keep running smoothly in order to make coffee. A lot of coffee residue remains stuck between the brew group and the cleaning program allows you to rinse everything clean again.

Which cleaning agent do you use?

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We recommend that you use Jura cleaning tablets. The tablets are specially made for Jura coffee machines and are precisely tailored to the material of the brew group. This way, you can be sure that you don't damage this part. This also prevents the warranty on the coffee machine from expiring due to the use of incorrect cleaning agents.

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