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Tips for keeping limescale out of your iron

Lime in your iron blocks the steam holes and thus reduces the steam power. Also lime can give stains on your clothes. To prevent this, there are a number of things you can do. In this article I give you tips to clean and descale the iron.

Tip 1: use lime-free water

Use filtered water

Use demineralised or distilled water to fill your steam iron. This water is purified and therefore bacterial and lime free. You buy it in bottles in the supermarket or at the drug store. You can also use a water filter, which filters lime from tap water.

Tip 2: prevent clogged steam holes

Prevent clogged steam holes

Dust and plume residues that stick to your soleplate block the steam holes of your steam iron. Water remains in blocked steam holes and scale formation occurs. That is why it is important to keep your soleplate clean. Remove dust residue with a soft sponge from the soleplate. Do this when your steam iron has cooled down. Are the steam holes of your iron blocked? Then it is time to descale.

Tip 3: correct temperature

Temperature ironing

Iron your clothes at the right temperature. The label in each garment indicates the temperature at which you can iron the material. When ironing clothes too hot, small bits of dust melt on the soleplate. This hides the steam holes, in which water is stopped and limescale remains. You can prevent this by ironing at the right temperature. Pay attention when ironing a print or print. This is often made of synthetic material that melts easily.

Tip 4: empty the water tank

Have you finished ironing but have not you used up all the water? Then empty the water reservoir. Stagnant water evaporates slowly, causing lime deposits. Therefore store your steam iron or steam generator without water, so keep your iron longer free of lime.

How do you descale an iron or steam generator?

Is there lime in your steam iron? Then there is a chance that you will get brown spots on your clothes. To prevent this, you should regularly descale your iron. You can read how you do this in the advice article.

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