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How do you connect Apple HomeKit?

Unfortunately, not all products are currently suitable to be controlled through Apple HomeKit. There is a wide assortment of products that are compatible. Think of Philips Hue, Tado, Honeywell, Netatmo, and Elgato. You can recognize all compatible products by the 'works with Apple HomeKit' icon.

Step-by-step explanation

In order to link my devices at home to my Apple HomeKit app, I take 8 easy steps: since I want to control as many devices through the app as possible, I make sure I have multiple smart products at home. In this case, I chose multiple Philips Hue lights and a Tado thermostat.

Step 1 until 3

Link Apple HomeKit

Step 1 Download the HomeKit app on my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. I happen to have all 3. Of course, it's also possible to download the app on 1 device.

Step 2 Now, I connect all my separate lights and thermostat to the app.

Step 3 The app asks how I want to name the device for each device. That's useful, because I'll know exactly which device I control via the app.

Step 4 until 6

Apple HomeKit settings

Step 4: Now I can set the desired settings for each device. I set the light color and light intensity. Now, I want them to do exactly what I say for each room.

Step 5: First, I create various rooms. I start setting up my living room. I call this room 'living room'.

Step 6: I'm asked to take a picture of the room to personalize the app. I take a picture and add it to my 'living room' room.

Step 7

Link devices to the room

Now that I've set up the room, I connect the various devices to the room. I swipe the right lights and the thermostat to their corresponding rooms. When I click the tab of a room, this lights up in the app. When I check the actual room at home, all of my devices have suddenly turned on. Cool! When I click the tab of the room once again, this turns gray. This way, I can turn the devices in the room off again.

Step 8

Apple HomeKit set up scenes

The moment I get home, I want the light in the hallway to turn on and the thermostat to rise to the set temperature. That's why I create a scene called 'getting home'. The moment I turn on the scene 'getting home', the devices do exactly what I've configured them to do. Useful! I also make a 'leave' and 'wake up' scene while I'm at it.

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