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How do you maintain an electric lawn mower?

Your lawn mower goes through a lot. Sometimes you cut dry grass with it, other times wet grass. In addition, your lawn mower is often inactive for months during the winter and it's exposed to temperature variations. A well-maintained lawn mower will last longer and lead to better results. In this article, you can read how to keep your electric lawn mower in excellent condition.

Before mowing

Plug it in

Before mowing, you should always check 2 things. These things aren't only important for the lawn mower's lifespan, but for your own safety as well.

  • Check the lawn mower's cord and replace it if it's damaged. Damaged cords will lead to short circuits or expose you to electric shocks.
  • Remove any pebbles and big twigs from your lawn. These items can damage your lawn mower and blunt its blades. Because of the high speed at which the lawn mower blades spin, pebbles can become dangerous projectiles.

After mowing the lawn

Empty grass container

After mowing the lawn, you can get your lawn mower ready for the next one. Do this as follows:

  • Always unplug it first and wait until the blades have stopped spinning.
  • Remove grass and dirt from the lawn mower. Grass sometimes contains caustic acids that can damage the mower.
  • Check if all screws and bolts are still secure.

Getting it ready for winter

Storing the lawn mower

During the winter, the lawn mower won't be used for quite a while. That's why it's important to store it properly. Follow these steps to be ready to mow the lawn again as soon as spring comes around:

  • Clean and dry the lawn mower.
  • Check the blades. Sharpen them if they're blunt or replace them if there are holes or big dents in them.
  • Grease the mechanism you use to adjust the cutting height.
  • Store the lawn mower in a dry environment and make sure it's unplugged.

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