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Making cappuccino with a milk hose

Putting a cappuccino with a coffee machine with milk hose is very easy. The milk snake, also called cappuccino frother, automatically foams the milk for you. For example, a cappuccino is quickly put. Do you want to know how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine with milk hose and what you can pay attention to? Then read the steps below.

Step 1: Insert the snake into the milk

Frothing milk with milk hose

Put the milk hose in a pack of milk, milk jug or milk container. With some espresso machines with milk hose a milk container is supplied or you buy it separately. Make sure you put the milk back in the refrigerator after use. For creamy and firm milk foam, use full, sustainable milk. Curious why? You can read that here:

Step 2: Frothing milk

put cappuccino with milk hose

To froth the milk you just have to press the button. Make sure you first place your cup under the spout. With many appliances, the amount of milk foam for a cappuccino is already pre-programmed. Sometimes the milk volume can be adjusted to your personal wishes. With an espresso machine with milk hose, you have a separate milk foam outlet. Here, therefore, only pure milk foam comes out.

Step 3: Finish the cappuccino

Making cappuccino with milk hose

After your cup is filled with milk foam, place the cup under the spout where the coffee comes out. Then press the espresso button to make a delicious cappuccino. Determine how much coffee you add for a cappuccino to your personal taste. There are also espresso machines with milk hose where you do not have to move the cup for putting a cappuccino. In this case, the milk spout is not next to, but just behind the spout for coffee.

Step 4: How do I clean the milking system?

clean the milk hose

It is important to regularly clean the milking system. This will prevent sour milk residues from remaining in the hose and you will immediately ensure that it continues to do its job well. Use the cleaning program to rinse the milk system. Here you need a special milk system cleaner. Pay attention to which cleaner you need exactly. This differs per brand and type of espresso machine.

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