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How do you choose a mirrorless camera?

You're about to choose a new mirrorless camera, but you can't see the forest for the trees. Which model with which properties is the one you need? We're happy to help you make the right decision by explaining which mirrorless camera is suitable for which usage situation. This will help you find the camera that suits you.

Choose a mirrorless camera

A mirrorless camera is a middle course between a compact camera and an SLR camera. The camera is compact but also has a replaceable lens and advances settings. Which mirrorless camera you need, depends on what you use it for. To make your choice easier, we'll explain the following usage situations:

  • Take photos on vacation
  • Photograph family and friends
  • Sports photography
  • Vlogs
  • Professional photography
  • Record videos

I want to take photos during my vacation

Want to take your mirrorless camera with you on vacation? Choose a compact and lightweight model. That way, you won't get tired of lugging the camera around. Mirrorless cameras for vacation have settings that can be configured automatically as well as manually. As a result, these cameras are suitable for both novice and advances photographers. Via the WiFi function, you can easily transfer your photos onto your smartphone or laptop.

How and what you photograph, depends a lot on the lens. The longer the focal length, the greater the zoom range. Keep this in mind when taking your camera on vacation or make sure you bring various kinds of lenses.

I want to take photos of my family and friends at home

Are you a novice photographer or do you only use your camera on some occasions? Choose a compact mirrorless camera with automatic settings. This is useful if you want to quickly grab the camera during birthdays and dinners. If you don't have too many complicated requirements for your mirrorless camera, you can find a model for a decent price already. The more you demand from the camera, the higher the price and the quality.

I want a mirrorless camera for sports photography

Do you want to take photos of your favorite athletes? Or record the actions of a child, friend, or family member on the playing field? Choose a mirrorless camera that takes at least 10 photos per second. A mirrorless camera often has a burst function, which allows you to take a lot of pictures in a row quickly. That way, you always have a good photo of an athlete in action. With a storage capacity of at least 128GB, you won't run out of storage space during a match. A mirrorless camera for sports photography has at least 121 focus points. With an autofocus, the camera focuses automatically so that you don't have to put in a lot of effort for a sharp photo.

Tip: choose a lens with a long focal length or a large zoom range. This way, you can bring athletes closer from the stands.

I want a mirrorless camera to record vlogs

If you want to record vlogs with your mirrorless camera, it will be that much easier if you can see yourself clearly. That is why these cameras have a tiltable screen. In addition, the record function of the camera is very important. Record your vlogs in a resolution of at least Full HD at 60 frames per second. That way, the vlog camera provides fluently moving images. Image stabilization prevents jerky images while you're recording. To also provide your videos with good sound, use an external microphone. Vlog cameras have a microphone connector so you can easily connect one.

I want a professional mirrorless camera

As a professional photographer, you want a mirrorless camera that you can set completely manually. This allows you to adjust the ISO, the shutter speed, and the aperture yourself while taking photos. Most professional mirrorless cameras have an APS-C or full frame sensor. Especially a full frame sensor delivers a high image quality and sharp photos in low light. You can take photos in RAW, so you can accurately edit your photos afterwards without loss of quality. You mainly find these mirrorless cameras in the higher price ranges.

I want to record videos with my mirrorless camera

Are you a professional videographer or do you just enjoy recording videos on vacation and at parties? Choose a mirrorless camera with a high quality record function. Record your videos in Ultra HD (4K) resolution at 60 frames per second for detailed and smooth images. These cameras have a hot shoe, which allows you to easily connect an extra screen or a microphone to your camera. All mirrorless cameras that are suitable for recording videos have a microphone connector, which means that in addition to beautiful images, you'll also have audible sound in your videos.

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