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Everything on noise cancellation

In this article, you can read everything on active noise canceling. For instance, we explain how the technology works, what the pros and cons are, what situations it's suitable for, and which headphones or earbuds suit your needs best.

What is noise cancell\ing?

Noise canceling dampens disturbing ambient noise and noise through anti-noise. This anti-noise is produced based on the sound around you, which is picked up by microphones in the headphones. The sound is then analyzed and distorted, so that you're less bothered by the environment. This is useful for public transport, for example.

When would I use noise canceling?

Noise canceling offers a solution especially in noisy environments. Noise canceling reduces the noise of a buzzing aircraft engine or noisy train. These low, monotonous sounds are easier to mute than high and non-monotonous sounds. Voices are difficult to filter, especially for basic and mid-range noise canceling headphones. If you want to use your headphones in the office, we recommend high-end noise canceling headphones. Among other things, these muffle sound well.

Is there a difference in noise canceling?

Noise-canceling headphones

Sure. Noise canceling works better with more expensive headphones than with cheaper ones. Our expert has divided the headphones into 3 classes; basic, mid-range, and high-end. Basic headphones minimize ambient noise. With mid-range headphones, most sounds are muted, while with high-end headphones, you are virtually isolated from your environment. In addition, some headphones have customizable noise canceling. This allows you to determine how much ambient noise is muted.

What does noise canceling sound like?

Watch our video for an explanation on how noise canceling sounds.

Which noise-canceling noise headphones should I choose?

Which noise-canceling noise headphones should I choose?

All well-known brands that offer headphones and earbuds have one or more noise-canceling models in their assortment. There are major price differences between brands and models. That has to do with the quality of the noise canceling and extra options. Think for instance of adjusting the level of noise canceling, the working of a battery, and different noise-canceling modes. Which headphones or earbuds you should choose, completely depends on your requirements. The higher your expectations, the higher the price.

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