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How much noise does a vacuum make?

A vacuum cleaner always makes noise. Even a so-called silent vacuum cleaner you can clearly hear when it is on. The sound of a vacuum cleaner is expressed in decibels, and that is quite complicated. What do these decibels mean when you vacuum clean? In this article I tell you what the sound of a vacuum cleaner means and how you translate this into recognizable situations.


Decibel vacuums

Sound is measured in decibels. The more decibel, the louder the sound is. On average, as people we hear noise between 0 and 120 decibels. 0 decibel does not mean that there is no sound, only we do not hear this. Above 120 decibels we hear clearly, but can damage our hearing. Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners measure this in the average suction position, with the most regular brush head. The sound can therefore differ when you use a different attachment or switch on a turbo mode.

Clear, right?

Noise level of vacuums in decibels

It seems like a clear story, but unfortunately that is not entirely true. Decibels are in fact quite difficult to interpret. Because how much noise is 64 decibels? And what is the difference with 67 decibels? Or 84? Most companies use situations to compare decibels. For example, a starting aircraft makes a sound of 140 decibels, the music in a nightclub stands at 105 decibels on average and a dripping tap creates 20 decibels of noise.

What do I think of that?

To be honest, I still found it very difficult to understand how hard my 67-decibel vacuum cleaner sounds when a starting aircraft produces 140 decibels. With these examples I still did not understand how much noise my vacuum cleaner makes. In theory, a vacuum cleaner of 85 decibels is comparable to 'noise in the schoolyard' or 'a busy road with cars'. Because this was still too vague for me, I started testing myself.

Vacuum cleaner test, 1, 2, 3.

Vacuum cleaners with different decibels of sound I tested separately in the average suction position, armed with a decibel meter. Being able to hear the TV or having a conversation at 2 meters distance were the starting points. This seemed to me the most relevant when you are vacuuming. On the basis of this test we have divided all vacuum cleaners into 4 categories: quiet, normal, loud and very loud.

Silent vacuums

Silent vacuums

Vacuum cleaners make noise. Even the most silent vacuum cleaner can be heard when it's on. If you regularly vacuum when the children are asleep or on a Sunday morning, we recommend a silent vacuum cleaner. It makes a up to 60dB of noise. In addition, this is always a vacuum cleaner with bag, because the bag works as a sound damper.

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