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Advice on Philips Hue light fixtures

There are different types of Philips Hue fixtures. This means there is a suitable design for everyone. In this article, we'll explain which different Hue fixtures there are. You can buy a lamp with a built-in smart lamp that suits you.

Standing lamps and table lamps

table lamp

You can place a table lamp on a table, cupboard, or desk, so you can use a table lamp for every room in the house. Even in your bedroom. The same applies to the standing lamps. Because you place them on the floor, they're more suitable for your seating area, for example. You can operate both lamps completely wirelessly. Please note that the lights can't be replaced.

Ceiling lamps

As the name suggests, ceiling lamps are attached to the ceiling. They often hang in a central place in your home, so that the light source can distribute the light equally across the room. That's why you often use a Philips Hue as general lighting. Ceiling lamps come in 2 varieties. Does your lamp have a flat casing directly attached to your ceiling? That's a ceiling lamp. Is your lamp hanging slightly below the ceiling? That's a hanging lamp.

Hanging lamp or ceiling lamp

Hanging lamps Philips Hue

Hanging lamps

You usually hang a Philips Hue hanging lamp in the middle of your room, above the dining or coffee table in your living room, for example. Or above your bed in the bedroom, or in the middle of the hallway. A hanging lamp has a prominent place in your home, so the design is important. Make sure to find a Philips Hue hanging lamp that fits in your house.

Ceiling lamps Philips Hue

Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lights are often used because they're practical. The Philips Hue ceiling lights are made to be seen. We often see these types of lamps in the bathroom, toilet or bedroom. Because the casing is completely sealed, they're often well-protected against splashing water. Philips Hue ceiling lights have diffuse light because you can't see the light source directly. The light is filtered through a hood, such as with the Philips Hue Being, which provides an even light.

Spot lights


If you want to use a ceiling lamp for general lighting, a spotlight works. The light beam shines strongly on 1 point. The Philips Hue spot lights are rotatable. This way, you can focus the lighting on a specific point. You can put your favorite painting in the spotlight, for example. In addition, there are Philips Hue recessed spot lights that serve as accent lighting. For example, place it under a kitchen cupboard or in a suspended ceiling.

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