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Where do I place my freestanding cooktop?

Got a freestanding cooktop, but not sure where exactly to place it? In this article, I'll explain to you what to pay attention to when installing an induction cooktop, gas cooktop, or electric cooktop. That way, you can prepare your next meal in safety.

Safety first

The information in this article should be taken as general guidelines only. If you want to be sure that your cooking top can be installed the way you want it, always check the manufacturer's manual. It'll tell you exactly where you can and can't place the cooktop.

Can I place my cooktop on top of a fridge or dishwasher?

cooktop on top of fridge

Before placing a cooktop on top of a dishwasher or fridge, check the manual to see what temperature it can handle. There'll be 2 possible situations:

  1. Your fridge or dishwasher can handle a temperature of 85°C. The cooktop may be placed.

  2. The fridge or dishwasher can't handle a temperature of 85°C. Place a piece of countertop or a heat-resistant board between the cooktop and fridge or dishwasher.

In addition, make sure there's a distance of 10 centimeters between your cooktop and other combustible objects such as a curtain.

Can I place my cooktop under a window or in a corner setup?

cooktop in a corner setup

You can easily place a gas cooktop or induction cooktop under a window or in a corner setup. Do note the following points:

Distance between cooktop and other objects. Prevent flames in your kitchen by maintaining a 10-centimeter distance from flammable objects such as a wooden cupboard or a curtain. Gas under a window Since 2010, all gas cook tops are equipped with flame protection. This means the gas supply will stop if the flame is extinguished by, for example, a gust of wind. This means you can easily place a gas cooktop under a window. Got a gas cooktop without flame protection? In that case, don't place it under a window; you'd risk a gas explosion.

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