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Did you choose a gas or induction cooktop?

Everyone cooks in their own way, but which hob fits best: induction or gas? In this article I will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each type. That way you know exactly which suits you best.

Which connection do you have at home now?

Gas connection

Gas connection

If you have a gas connection, we recommend a gas gas cooktop. Do you want to save energy and switch to induction? It's important to check a number of things in advance. For example, you first check which sockets you have in your kitchen. It's important to have at least one Perilex socket with 5 inputs. If you don't, first determine whether you want a powerful 2-phase cooktop or a very powerful 3-phase cooktop and contact a qualified electrician. In the article below, you can read what else you should pay attention to if you want to switch to induction.

Perilex connector

Electricity connection

Do you already have a 5-pin Perilex socket? Measure how many phases of current this provides with a multi-meter. In the article below, you can read how to do this and what you should pay attention to. That way, you'll know exactly which cooktop you need.

Which hob suits me?

Gas cooker Induction cooker
You want an extra safe hob. No Yes
You want to experience the cooking experience. Yes No
You love to wok and do this often. Yes No
A hob must be easy to clean. No Yes

Which hob is the safest?

cooking zone gas hob


Some gas hobs automatically switch off the gas supply when the flame goes out or when it is unusually long. Yet this is not the case with all models. If you forget to turn off your gas cooker, your kitchen will smell like gas and you have a chance of explosion. After cooking the hob stays hot for a long time, so you can burn yourself a lot. Not convenient so when you often forget to turn off the hob or have small children in the house.

cooking zone induction cooker


An induction cooker is a lot safer than one with gas. If there is no pan on the hob, it will not work. So when your child puts the plate on and puts his or her hand on it, nothing happens. If you remove your pan after cooking, the plate switches off automatically. There is still some residual heat on the glass hob, but that is quickly gone. Very useful when you often forget to turn off your hob or have small children walk around.

Which cooktop suits me best?

Cook on gas


If you want to see the flame, choose a gas gas cooktop. You can see how high the fire is and whether it should be higher or lower. This is not only useful, but also gives a certain atmosphere. If you enjoy using a wok and often cook with one, choose a gas cooktop. You can prepare your meal on high heat for a short time. Keep in mind that cooking on gas is less energy-efficient and that this will disappear within 30 years due to the Climate Act. Decide when you want to switch.

Cooki on induction


Cooking on induction can be exciting in the beginning, because you don't see the fire. That means you can't see how powerful a setting is. Even though you don't see anything, cooking on induction is safer than gas. That's because there is no fire involved and the cooktop only heats the pit the pan is on. Another advantage of induction is that this form is more energy-efficient and better for the environment. If you want to save energy, choose an induction cooktop.

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