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What is the correct connection for an electric cooktop?

It's important to have the right connection if you want an electric cooktop, such as a ceramic or induction cooktop. If you don't have the right connector, it will only function partially, not at all, or it will blow the fuses. Find out which connector you have in 4 steps, so you choose the right electric cooktop.

Step 1: check which socket you have in your kitchen

To decide whether you have the right connector for a ceramic cooktop or induction cooktop, you first check the sockets in your kitchen. There are 2 types of sockets:

  • 2-pole Schuko-/Gardy socket (2 openings)
  • 5-pole Perilex socket (5 openings)

Do you have a 5-pole Perilex socket in your kitchen? Go on with step 2. Do you only have 2-pole sockets? Go on with step 5.

Step 3: check your fuse box for a double-pole breaker

double-pole breaker

If you want to determine the phase based on the fuse box, you look for a double-pole breaker in the fuse box. A double-pole breaker is 1 breaker that consists of 2 connected breakers. To clarify: these are 2 blocks that are connected and share a single handle. Check your fuse box. Do you see a double-pole breaker? Then the Perilex socket provides 2-phase power. Choose an electric cooktop suitable for 2-phase power. If you don't have a double-pole breaker, continue to step 4.

Step 4: check your fuse box for 3-phase electric power

power group

If you don't have a double-pole breaker, but you do have a Perilex socket in your kitchen, then you have 3-pole electric power. You can recognize 3-pole electric power by the large multi-pole breaker that consists of 4 connected breakers. The multi-pole breaker has a single shared handle. Check your fuse box. Does it have a large multi-pole breaker that seems to consist of 4 breakers, but with just 1 long handle? Then you have 3-pole electric power. You can purchase both a 2 and 3-phase electric cooktop.

Step 5: connect Perilex

Perilex socket

Most electric cooktops make use of 2 or 3-phase power. Because of their high minimum power supply, these cooktops don't work with a regular connector. Instead, they use a Perilex connector. You always purchase this separately. The connector isn't connected to the cooktop, because the wiring is different for each power socket. Don't have any experience when it comes to working with electricity? Have a qualified electrician do this for you.

Step 6: connection in the fuse box

Fuses in the fuse box

You don't just need a different socket for a 2 or 3-phase cooktop. Your fuse box also needs to be suitable. Don't have the right connection? Call an electrician to make your fuse box suitable for a 2 or 3-phase cooktop. How much this costs will depend on your situation. You can have your socket converted to a Perilex connection at the same time.

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