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Switch from gas cooking to electric cooking

Everyone can switch from using gas to cook to using electricity. If you want a good cooktop with 4 or 5 cooking zones, call an electrician. If you want a very powerful stove, switching will be more difficult. Follow the steps below and decide what you need to do to make the switch.

Step 1. Check which electrical outlets are in your kitchen

5-pin plug and socket

There is at least one 5-pole Perilex socket

Is there an socket with 5 inputs in your kitchen? Great! Your connector is probably already suitable when it comes to connecting an electric cooktop. You only need to check which type of electric cooktop your connector is suitable for. We'll explain this in the next article.

2-pin plug and socket

There are only 2-pole Schuko / Gardy sockets

Are there only normal, 2-pin sockets in your kitchen and no sockets with 5 openings? Your connector can't be used to cook on electricity. To make your home suitable, decide whether you want a 2-phase or a 3-phase cooktop. Continue to the next step.

Step 2. Choose between a 2-phase or 3-phase cooktop

2-stage cooktop in a countertop

2-phase cooktop (powerful)

Our advice is to choose a 2-phase cooktop. Why? Because you can make any house suitable for 2 phases without too much hassle. In addition, 2-phase cooktop is powerful enough for 90% of households. To switch to a 2-phase cooktop, contact an electrician. They'll add a special group to your fuse box and run cables to your kitchen. This does involve some costs.

3-phase cooktop in a countertop

3-phase cooktop (very powerful)

Do you want a very powerful cooktop? You need to make your connector suitable for 3 phases. A 3-phase cooktop is very powerful and most households don't need one. Not every home is suitable either if you want to switch to cooking on 3 phases. Still prefer an extra powerful cooktop? Check if this is possible for your home and what steps you need to take to switch.

Don't want to replace your connector?

1-phase cooktop

Don't want to make adjustments to your fuse box, but you do want to cook electrically? There are electric cooktops that you connect to a normal socket. These aren't powerful, so when you cook with several cooking zones at the same time, the power decreases. This makes 1-phase electric cooktops especially suitable for people who rarely cook or for a holiday home.

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