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Which tools do I need to install a cooktop?

Do you opt for an induction or ceramic hob? Depending on the brand and number of phases, in some cases you will need a 5-pin plug and electricity cable. For a gas hob you always need a gas hose, comfort connection and tape.

Which tools do I need?

1 phase plug, multimeter, and cable

Electric cooktop

Which connection you need depends on the number of phases in your home:

  • 1 phase: the hob has a supplied plug and can be connected to a normal socket.
  • 2- or 3 phases: the hob needs a perilex connection.
  • Do not know how many phases you have in your home? Use a multimeter to measure this.*

We recommend that you have a 2 or 3 phase hob installed by a qualified electrician. We do however recommend that you always purchase the following material:

  • 5-pole perilex plug
  • Cable: do you opt for an AEG or Zanussi hob? The supplied cable is 4-wire and can not be used in the Netherlands. Order a separate cable.

Tip: you do not need a kit for an electric hob. There is always a strip to make the device waterproof.

Tool installation gas cooktop

Gas cooker

To install a gas hob, you always need the following material:

  • Gas hose (max. 1.5 meters)
  • Wrench
  • Scissors
  • Comfoor connection
  • Gastape

Are you going to install the hob? Then you need extra tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Stanley
  • Tape measure

With most gas hoses you get a comfort connection and guest tape. Check in advance if this is the case, so you do not order more than necessary.

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