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How do you build in your cooktop?

Installing a cooktop is not a difficult job, but it does require some attention. Below, you can read how to properly install your cooktop.

Connect and install an electric cooktop

Cooktop that is placed in the niche

Before connecting an electric cooktop, it's important that you understand electricity. The plug must still be connected to the cooktop. If you don't understand electricity, have it done by a certified electrician. Installing the cooktopr is self-explanatory. You carefully lower the cooktop into the niche. When you have the right niche size, it stays in place and you don't have to fasten or seal it.

Connect and install the gas cooktop

Gas hose is being connected to the cooktop

You need a stainless steel gas hose to connect a gas hob. Close the gas tap so that no gas escapes. Always place a gas connector on the cooktop afterwards, so that the hose fits well. Fit the gas hose to both the cooktop and the gas tap. Before lowering the cooktop into the niche, check that there is no gas leakage. With the correct niche size, the gas cooktop will remain firmly in place. It's not necessary to fix it.

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